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Farewell Dr. Paul Crouch

Dr. Paul Frranklin Crouch, 79 years young. March 30, 1934-Nov. 30, 2013
He spoke more about Jesus, miracles and his family more than anything, yet he could be outspoken as well. I fondly remember his choice words for Ted Turner in 1994. His last greatest earthly accomplishments include being part of development of online video and live visual broadcasting, his Heavenly accomplishments are uncountable, and any failures are irrelevant. Thank you, Paul Crouch

Angry Christians & Couples Reviewing Marriages

Two articles below:

September 1, 9:30 AM

Why Rate Your Marriage? A Numerical Score Can Help Couples Talk About Problems
Therapists Say They Learn a Lot When Couples Commit to Numbers in Areas Like Trust, Teamwork, Physical Intimacy

By Elizabeth Bernstein

When marriage therapist Sharon Gilchrest O’Neill met with new clients recently, she asked them why they were seeking therapy. The couple told her they’d spent years arguing over finances and recently had their worst-ever blow up. The husband complained about how much money his wife was spending; the wife said her husband was controlling. They hadn’t slept in the same room for months.

Ms. O’Neill, whose practice is in Mount Kisco, N.Y., then asked the question she often poses in a couple’s first session of marriage therapy: “On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you each rate your marriage?”

The spouses’ answers? “7.5″ and “almost an 8.”

“Whoa,” Ms. O’Neill remembers thinking. “What they are saying doesn’t match those numbers.” She would …

Happy Thanukkah! Jesus celebrated Hanukkah!

Happy “Thanksgivukkah,” “Thanukkah” and “Hanu-giving!”
  This holiday combo has not occurred since 1888 – and, according to astronomers is not scheduled to happen again for another 70,000 years or so.

Jesus celebrated Hanukkah! - 2300 days
Hanukkah 2013: Nov 28 - Dec 5
By Craig C. White

The Hebrew word Hanukkah means “dedication”. Hanukkah is the Jewish celebration of the re-dedication of the temple in Jerusalem in 165 B.C. Hanukkah is celebrated for eight days beginning on the 25th day of the Hebrew month Kislev. While Hanukkah is not one of the appointed Jewish holy days (Leviticus 23, Numbers 29); it is mentioned in the bible. It was prophesied in Daniel 8:14, also Jesus attended a Hanukkah celebration in John 10: 22-23.

In 175 B.C. Israel was under the rule of a wicked Grecian king named Antiochus Epiphanes. He was king over one quarter of the Grecian empire known as the Seleucid dynasty, headquartered in Syria. Antiochus Epiphanes robbed the temple in Jerusalem of its gold and h…

Wife of American Jailed in Iran 'Devastated' US Didn't Demand Release

It's been awhile since last time I wrote. Not for lack of interests, but of quality inspiration.  Please keep Saeed Abedini and his family in your prayers. We can all likely relate to discouragement and hopelesness, but we should all remind ourselves of the times of great joy and strength through our victories as well. My first thoughts upon reading the below article is, perhaps there really is an unrevealed plan to release Pastor Saeed.  That is my prayer. Also, I had the honor to meet Mrs. Abedini couple months ago, with Saeeds Mom, his little sister and his two children, but his son just wasn't there for the family photo we took. He was playing nearby.  And the lady next to Saeeds wife second from right is a dear friend of their family. God bless, and again, please say a prayer for this wonderful family, and for Pastor Saeed soon release.

Naghmeh Abedini, Pastor Saeed Abedini and their two young children in this undated family photo. (Photo:

Wife of American Jail…