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Active and In-Active Military No More Silent

It sickens me to my stomach to be blogging about this because things like this barely scratch the surface of the many blatant actions of just one person's presidential administration and their cohorts running rampant throughout the united States, all the way from the Whitehouse down to our military, farms and farmers, ranches and ranchers, cities, towns, schools, libraries and even the jails, prisons, hospitals and clinics. I invite you to rake through my blogs through more of the topsoil of just what is going on in this nation and world, and see if you can catch a vision for hope and change. Yes you can.   The latest outrage, of course, is the release of 5 terrorists for one deserter. But what about honorable Christian Americans in Iranian and Sudanese prisons? And an honorable US Marine in a Mexican jail, south of San Diego, California> All of which are and have been tortured, all of which Obama is factually aware of? I'm speaking of,…