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July 5 Independence Weekend Ride For Sgt. Anthony Tahmooressi

***UPDATE July 9, 2014***
Video: Marine held in Mexico gets day in court JULY 9TH, 2014 | BATTLE RATTLE | POSTED BY HOPE HODGE SECK As Marine veteran Andrew Tahmooressi appeared in a Mexican courthouse in Tijuana today for an evidentiary hearing, a host of lawmakers and a movie star are voicing their support for him. Tahmooressi says he missed his exit at the San Ysidro border crossing March 31, entering Mexico with three firearms and dozens of rounds of ammunition in his truck before being arrested by Mexican authorities. His court proceedings were delayed by a series of legal hiccups: he has fired his attorney twice before hiring lawyer Fernando Benitez to represent him. While the results of the hearing, which began at 11:30a.m. local time, have not been released yet, Fox News has this good primer on the action: video is from MAY 24, 2014 So far, thousands of members of the public hav…