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Christianity in U.K and the U.S.A., ISIS Recruitment

One of the hardest compilations of my thoughts yet. I hope you can appreciate the content.

 In a Sep 6 FOX interview, the subject was concerning British and American society, "Decline in Christian Values Fueling ISIS Recruitment?" Well, the subject quickly changed to multiculturalism, of course, and you can just use your imagination of all the same arguments being hashed out on twitter, facebook and all the mainstream media and independent news sources. But the following sources below will deal with some important things to consider, which is what the Christian Values question was actually a confirmation of the below articles' question I read a day or two before. 

  Also a couple days ago, Q #2 in this link to a Sep. 4, 2014 blog by David Rubin, (
Beheadings: Learning from the Founder of Islam )  question number 2 of 3 q's the author …