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Franklin Graham's Decision California, Escondido and BEYOND! Christian Korean American Prisoner Release

Update Saturday May 19
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Franklin Graham's Decision California, Escondido and BEYOND!  Christian Korean American Prisoner Release By: Michael D. Tobin May 15, 2018
Following is a May 09, 2018 USA Today article regarding the North Korean prisoner release of three Asian American citizens. 'God Bless America': Freed American prisoners thankful after being released from North Korea , and Franklin Graham's May 10 response to this article, and President Trump's intervening for their release, along with many thousands of Believers throughout the world, praying for this particular prisoner's release, of Tony Kim.

Also below, I have the interview link to my Oct 14, 2017 interview with missionary-to-China and the world, Eugene Bach.

"Many people here in the U.S. and around the world had prayed—maybe many of you—for the release of these three men held prisoner by North Korea,…

ONE YR AGO:My Prophecy To The World, DELIVERANCE. Terrorists Entrapped In Own Devices

In light of North Korea releasing three American Korean's from years in prison, June's planned talks with U.S. President Donald J. Trump concerning NK President promises to de-nuclearize and become one Korea, I was reminded of a prophecy and podcast I had done and it so happens it was one year ago this month that I had spoken the following, which God had actually moved me to do. I had no idea what I was going to say until I was into the podcast and I very nervously and hesitantly went ahead with the podcast knowing God was never-the-less, going to speak something important. So I did it and God came through. From the roughly 25 minute podcast, I copied a couple minutes of the transcript, which follows:

Prophecy as transcribed:

11:22 and the Lord will say that don't think 11:30 it not trivial or 11:38 something that is man-made to be 11:43 grandiose this is not trivial this is 11:47 not man-made grandiose acts but I am 11:53 guiding a leader and his entourage to 12:04 Saudi A…