Am I Supposed To Be A Glutton For Punnishment?

Am I Supposed To Be A Glutton For Punnishment?
By: Michael D. Tobin

My Two Cents
Ya know, I'm going to go on a limb and give an emotional subject. I haven't told hardly 2 people this (I actually posted on a friends site but to none of my personal friends/fellowship) Three months ago at the homeless mission in Downtown San Diego, where I've been giving the Gospel every 3rd Tuesday evening for the past 7 years, God spoke to me in somewhat of an audible voice. The last 2 1/2 yrs I've lived farther up north 40 miles, 1 hr drive. And mind you, Tuesdays are my first work day of the week and I get pounded with work every Tuesday upon returning. I'm an apartment maintenance supervisor always repairing and fixing 72 units. So I have to drive rush hour traffic to get to the shelter and it's brutal every time. And I've prayed for better situations, thinking maybe it's "the devil" hindering me. So it's not "the devil" it's just the way it is. Long story short, I just had to decline the opportunity to continue at that ministry do to  time, distance and phyisical and mental ability to continue with that particular opportunity. But the good part is that no matter what it is, like Job, I know with honesty that I give and gave an honest attempt for as long as I can, to do the right thing, above and beyond, whatever the door of opportunity. So what God said to me: He said as I was sitting down during worship, "Thank you Michael." I said, "For what, Lord?" He said, "For helping my people who are homeless. It really is a blessing to them and to me." Now when I think of that, I am humbled, but also, I begin to wish other ministers will at least do 1/2 of what they are able to do. Mostly, I am refering to all of us as we are all ministers, priesthood, called and chosen. I think of myself as a "glutton for punnishment." But I also believe we all should be a glutton for punnishment. You may know this, but finding believer friends to cover for you or to verbally minister the Gospel or a testimony is like pulling teeth out of an aligator. So all I can do is wish and pray. And I thank God literally for letting me know He truly does care and is blessed by our feeblest attempts to reach the called and chosen.

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