Antonio Banderas , The Skin I Live In , and "What's So Great About Antonio Banderas?"

By: Michael D. Tobin

   Far be it from me being a star-struck Antonio Banderas fan as we know fans to be, but when it comes to Antonio Banderas, he rates in my book of favorite actors/actresses such as "The Rat Pack", John Travolta, Gene Wilder, Bill Cosby, Dorris Day, Lucille Ball and many others who's acting careers have included nothing but shere brilliance in the roles they have played throughout the age of cinema. Yes, Antonio Banderas is nothing short of a brilliant man, seemingly self-made, and a genious in every sense of the word when it comes to theatre and film. (BTW, anybody notice the Sean Connery-ish grey coat style in the pic?) I think it's cool.
   Which brings me to Banderas' latest movie, low budget at that, "The Skin I Live In," due out in Spain in September of this year, according to "El Deseo" film production company. The film co-stars Spanish actress Elena Anaya, who starred in, "Room in Rome".
   "The Skin I Inhabit" is described as being intense,with a mix of elements typical of Oscar winning director, Pedro Almodovar. (Oscar for Best Writing, Original Screenplay for 2002's "Talk to Her" and an Oscar for  best foreign language film with 1999's "All About My Mother.")
   Now what's so great about Antonio Banderas? Well, as I mentioned above, he's an expert at acting, right? And another thing, about the "self-made" statement, he has his own brand of men's cologne, "Blue Seduction," among sveral other lines of cologne, and even womens perfumes. (When was his 1st product distributed? Do the research). But here's a cool informative youtube video pro-quality, and from there you can refresh yoursefl on his many movie clips like I did recently:

 So, it's actually pretty cool to have a whole line of men's cologne with your name on it, and even a line of womens perfumes. But what's noteworthy in my list of praiseworthy attributes of someone who doesn't have to worry about money, is Banderas has embarked on a venture that will contribute to whatever he darned well pleases.

   With all that said, I guess many notable actors and actresses aren't without their share of controversy, though. And not to stray away from Banderas' acting and entrepreneurial aspects, this is also recent activity in his personal/public life, whichever one would like to attribute it to. Here's a link concerning an actual lawsuit that Banderas, actress Roberta Flack, and others have filed against the board of directors of the NYC building which John Lennon was assassinated in front of in 1980, the Dakota building. 
Dakota Building
   Finally, any and all who actually have taken note of Antonio Banderas' style and skill of acting, keep a look-out for "The Skin I Live In" on DVD soon. Suffice-it-to say, many a low budget films have become blockbusters without all the fanfare, such as being off the top of my head without even pausing from my keyboard, "The Breakfast Club", or, "Lords Of Flatbush". Yes, those are American films, but some of you may be a little more astute than myself, on foreign films, and I know from reading past reviews and various tv mentions, the foreign film industry have also contributed many classic films that we all would at least love, enjoy, and even know of.
   And my prediction, beings you've read this far into my article, is that "The Skin I Live In," will be a classic blockbuster, among the fame of the director and stars credits in their film careers, and the psychies of all who watch and enjoy the film from here on, in the history of film.

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