American Sentiments Toward Osama B.L. Reminiscent To The 1970's Ruhollah Khomeini?

UPDATE*** AUG 7, 2012 Iran on diplomatic blitz to free hostages in Syria  48 Hostages? Sounds familiar. "Kidnapping innocent people is not acceptable anywhere in the world," Jalili (Iran's Security Chief)told journalists on arriving in Damascus, reported the official Islamic Republic News

Iran's Former Grand Ayatollah Sayyed
 Ruhollah Mostafavi Moosavi Khomeini
In the late 1970's, Khomeini called for Islamic revolution throughout the world. He was the supreme ruler over Iran, and now has a successor, after his death in 1989 until present, and ruled as Iran's first ever supreme ruler from 1979-1989.
As far back as the mid-1970's when I was just a child, (I was born in 1964), I can remember Saturday Night Live and all the other comedy and daytime talk shows and comedians, making fun of everything from his name, to toys and collectors items mocking him. But now, the celebrations following Osama Bin Laden's killing have caused us to progress from predominantly conservatives, mocking our enemy, to most all Americans, celebrating what I prefer to call, JUSTICE. I remember Ayatola Toilet Paper, Ayatola-On-A Rope (soap-on-a rope), as well as dolls, paintings and cartoons with an unlimited number of ways to parody Khomeini's names pronunciation and charicatures. Even the yellow ribbons we see all over the place, especially car magnets, is the idea from the days of the American hostages in Iran, when we began tying yellow ribbons around our trees, so we won't forget our fellow Americans being held hostage. It seemed everyone was united in opposition to this man.  Basically, he called for the destruction of the United States and Israel before Osama Bin Laden was ever heard of, and he was responsible for the 52 American hostages being taken at the American Embassy in Iran for 144 days. And now, the current Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, who became president in 2005, was actually identified by some of the American hostages as one of their captors, which Ahmedinejad denies.  So besides my point of similarities to the united scorn of Bin Laden after his death on May 1, 2011, and the lack of unity prior to his demise, I'm pointing out that if you read up on the Iranian Revolution, and the Iranian/Iraq war, you will see that prior to all that, even up until now, there you will see there's plenty of unfinished business between the U.S. and Iran. So the age old question begs to be asked; "What's next?"
On to now, concerning Osama Bin Laden. While the past 10 yrs are fresh in everyones minds who are at least 30 years old now, and those who were children at the time of Sep. 11, 2001, between the current ages now of 20 and 30 years old, who may barely have remembrances as a child of their parents speaking about the Soviet Union/U.S. relations, may have mostly memories of Middle Eastern fears, and various names of terrorists who have always been in the news, such as, Osama Bin Laden.
My observation is that, for the past 5 yrs or so, I can remember wondering, "why are we not all united in scorning and scoffing this OBL, as we were toward Ayatollah Khomeini in the 1970's throughout the 1980's?" I know that ONE reason is that we have such a ready available and vast amount of information to us since the mid to late 1990's with the rise of internet capabilities, that we are not limited to television, magazines and physical toys for humor and entertainment. We have all that AND internet info overload, which preoccupies us with everything under the sun, other than being united, as we were before what has become a distraction of the internet and all the accessories that are attached to the internet in every concievable way we have so far thought of and invented and copyrighted and pattented.
And reason number two is, back in the 1970's and before, we KNEW who the GOODGUYS were. It almost felt like I was puting total blame for lack of knowing who the good guys were and the lack of unity, on the information age. But more precisely, we have so many communistic and socialist-leaning politicians and media who have mastered  the art of deception, and are attempting and largely succeding, in abolishing our U.S. Constitution, and poisoning our minds with the assumption that mass murderers are to be dialogued with and rewarded with a legitimate government.
So now, after the much celebrated death of Osama Bin Laden, I remembered my frequently asked question, and my wish, that somehow, our country can in some way regain the simplicity of unity, and it has been evident ever since the news of the U.S. Seal Team 6 and our Government inteligence agencies' successful raid against our enemies. In case anyone hasn't noticed, read, or heard, even the news broadcastors and printers have brought that to our attention, that we are more united now than we have been.
But get this: in my readings and research on the Ayatolla, I saw that his overthrow of the Iranian government of the 1970's, and declarations of worldwide Muslim aggression against the Western world, especially the U.S.A. and Israel, it has been noted that Iran has been more united than ever, also, with two major sectors in their population, being moderates, who are against religious and political aggression towards the West, and the other being the extreme Islamic religious. And they have Khomeini to thank for that, way back in the 1970's when he took control of their government, by popular uprising. (Sound familiar?)
So are we going to be happy again in the U.S.? I don't think so. But at least we have achieved some sort of unity, and hopefully there can be some sort of logic and peace between the Persians, Arabs and the extremists of that part of the world and of the U.S. and Israel, and will will abandon their ages old mindset of religious domination.
Of course that will not happen, because of all the other political ambitions of New World Order and those of literally all religious faiths, (except Satan worship maybe), are at odds with New World Order, hence the Biblical prophecies of the "mark of the beast" and the final war of Armageddon, which is literally the war between man and God.
So how did I venture off toward a further time other than our present time of unity as a result of the death of a global vilain? Well, I just didn't want anyone's hopes to get too high, and put things in a more proper perspective. And hopefully with all I've brought up, we can not forget the American mantra of the late 1970's and 1980's, "Remember The Hostages".

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