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When Is Suicide OK?

Suicide is never OK. If one has read in any sort of extensity about suicide, the person would learn that suicide goes through the minds of young children, teens, young adults, and on up to whatever ages there are into senior years. Not only is suicide not a respecter of persons in regard to age, intelligence, but the lack thereof, is no factor either.
I would like to say that intelligent, college educated persons are just as capable of making a foolish justification and choice as the rest of us. REMEMBER; Intelligence and wisdom are two completely different things.
Guaranteed, anyone who contemplates suicide all have one thing in common with everyone else alive in the world. That one thing should be celebrated and appreciated more than it is. That thing is called LIFE.
Never mind some popular reasons for quitting. Some main contributors to decisions to quit and "end it all" include, lack of loved-ones, lack of loved ones' sympathies or concern, personal failures or what…