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Joyce and Dave Meyer ages 68 and 72. Amazing. And Enjoying Matt Redmon Band April 12, 2012 @Viejas Arena SDSU JOYCE MEYER: NOT FOR WOMEN ONLY
Thankfully, it's still weekend as I'm writing. Joyce Meyer came to San Diego beginning Thursday and concluding Saturday, April 14, 2012. Friday had two meetings, with a total of four meetings in three days. I came across the itinerary by chance, but was taken by her reminder that this meeting is for MEN, too. I didn't need her to tell me that, though. I would have shown up anyway. Words cannot explain how amazed I am to be able to hear someone with her gift of common sense, regardless of if it's a man or a woman. But how can someone have such a busy schedule and in charge of so much, and not wear out? She mentioned herself, so I'm not telling on her, but Joyce pointed out that her and her husband Dave are 68 and 72 yrs old. They are more vibrant than many 30-yr olds, truthfully. And they don't even look anywhere near the…