Joyce and Dave Meyer ages 68 and 72. Amazing. And Enjoying Matt Redmon Band April 12, 2012 @Viejas Arena SDSU

Thankfully, it's still weekend as I'm writing. Joyce Meyer came to San Diego beginning Thursday and concluding Saturday, April 14, 2012. Friday had two meetings, with a total of four meetings in three days. I came across the itinerary by chance, but was taken by her reminder that this meeting is for MEN, too. I didn't need her to tell me that, though. I would have shown up anyway. Words cannot explain how amazed I am to be able to hear someone with her gift of common sense, regardless of if it's a man or a woman.
But how can someone have such a busy schedule and in charge of so much, and not wear out? She mentioned herself, so I'm not telling on her, but Joyce pointed out that her and her husband Dave are 68 and 72 yrs old. They are more vibrant than many 30-yr olds, truthfully. And they don't even look anywhere near their age. Well, if you listen to just a few of her messages you will get the jist, that it is not me, but it is all God. And so it is supposed to be, though we sometimes forget.
Which brings me to one of the three biggest points I got from the Thursday and Saturday meetings I attended.
Joyce said many things that excite us all, who have listened to her messages, like, "We need revelation...!", "The more we spend time with God, the more we become LIKE God!". But with all the notes I took, on the blank pages in the back of her recent book I read by her last year, titled, "Living Beyond Your Feelings", I could only capture 13 of them. But one more observation I'd like to note, is that Joyce Meyer came to San Diego on the heels of two Winter storms, and she left it a better place than she came to.
    POINT 1 of 3: "Single people are glad, and married people are sad!" - J.M. Point being that we seem to never be sattisfied. Serve God with joy and gladness! J.M.'s reference is Deut 28:47 and 48, which contains, "Because thou servedst not the LORD thy God with joyfulness, and with gladness of heart, for the abundance of all things; Therefore shalt thou serve thine enemies which the LORD shall send against thee, in hunger, and in thirst, and in nakedness, and in want of all things: and he shall put a yoke of iron upon thy neck, until he have destroyed thee." This, of course is not a condemnation, but rather an exhortation to serve God with joy and gladness.
    Point 2 of 3: "Peace is normal! We can get addicted to turmoil! When nothing's going on, some of us will start something!" - J.M. And her point being that we need to seek peace and not be partakers in strife and contentious arguments and activities.
    Point 3 of 3: "Don't stare at Goliath for too long!" - J.M. And the point being that David immediately ran up to Goliath with his five smooth stones and slayed Goliath with the first one. And many of us "think" our dreams to death before they can even be realized. 
    In concluding, I want to give J.M.'s ministry a little more justice than the simple few bits I just listed. I noted in my personal thoughts some things I've noticed as I observed and listened.  One, is that the second meeting I attended, I was much closer, and saw her attire was black jeens and a nice blouse. Pretty down-to earth and actually, was spretty cool because after all, we're San Diego here, not Paris, France, where clothes seem to be a prime attraction, rather than substance. 
      Another observation is noted in one of the pictures above. I have been in ministry off and on as well as 5 yrs of Bible school for the past 23 years, when I came back to Jesus. But to see the main speaker participate in the praise and worship service is top on my list. Most guest speakers tend to be high and mighty, and under the guise of "preparing for the message", they are off in some room or backstage. I was taught that the speaker should not be so under-prayed that they can not partake in the worship service, which if the motives are proper, we know that true worship literally brings us to the throne of God, boldly. And THAT is preparation enough.
    And finally, in my readings of Joyce Meyers writings, her one message that she would like to convey the most, is God's love for us. In the first service of the meetings, I noted her saying, "You have no idea how...special we are", to God. - J.M. By far, first and foremost of al the Scriptures, and God's message to us, is that He truly loves us. And with all the confusion and turmoil we alow in our lives and go through, this seems to be one that as amazing as it is, we seem to forget, or it just takes too long for us to realize.

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