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Sonic Boom Research San Diego, CA, & Loudest/Longest I've Ever Heard

Here is what i felt June 29, 2012:
Carlsbad 2 blocks from the beach carlsbad Village area! It lasted about 15 seconds the whole apartment building 2 stories was rattling and the ground and air seemed very loud roaring but no ground shake like a traditional earthquake.. It was about an hour before a 6.3 earthquake in China. I see gas bubbles coming up in the beach water near the waves quite often too. It's really nothing weird, if it is earthquake-related. We're all around it. SDG&E even knows the beaches release natural gas all the time. But I'd like to know if sonic vibrations increase with distance and or when they begin to decrease and eventually stop at mountain ranges we have in So Cal. But someone said they were felt/heard in vegas.
And according to news articles, navy spokesperson's have said the distance of booms felt could be up to 50 miles. Evidently, the navy was out about 30 miles when their pilots are said to have been flying. +mach1 speeds

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The Most High in Defense of The Most Low

(UPDATE April 23, 2016) It took from 1990 to 2006 to finally write about this and finally put it into blog form in 2012. And this year, I actually included this as one of my chapters in my new Kindle e-book, Making America Righteous-Again: From Bitterness To A Delight God has shown us many times in Scriptures, what the turning point is in nations before He intervenes on a national or even worldwide scale. In the Scriptures, He dealt with His chosen people, as well as "non-believer" nations around Israel, as well. Now we are left with not just the known world then, but the whole earth. The following is a look at what the world is up to now, and how it relates to what God is against, and historically, always dealt with because we are now doing the same, few things, that God considers "the last straw."

The Most High in Defense of The Most Low
By: Michael D. Tobin June 29, 2012
In the book of Exodus ch 23 God gives us the "laws of human relations", or even, co…

Lady Gaga and God (A Wing and a Prayer)

Personally, I find it too challenging to take note and memorize celebrities, politicians, or other notables', blasphemies, faults and idle words; however, one from Madana i.e., wearing a naked man around her neck, was repulsive enough to remember from back in the day. But ultimately, we can inform, but a person's future and destiny in eternity is between them and God. And God shows all of us our choices, personally, before we die. Hopefully, way before, to at least be able to share the Good News with our friends and loved ones.
But regarding large-scale stage shows and theater, the drive and ambition to be profound and spectacular, whether in secular entertainment, or even Christian expression through media, theater and oratory, can get as tempting as possible, to disregard basic tenets and beliefs. For example, I remember seeing a play from a Christian theater company on "Jesus Christ Super Star". And Herod was the focal charactor playing the part of Satan. It was…

United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012

United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012 (HR 4113 House of Representatives Passed May 9, 2012, yet yesterday began the major info campaign, ironically, during the time of the Bilderburg meetings in Virginia. It was Written by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) ). And S. 2165 Senate version, Sponsored by, CA Senator barbara Boxer, Democrat, has not passed yet. There's no valid articles or blogs on this. Ron Paul (TX Congressman), and another Congressman who represents a majority Muslim constituency, are the only two who voted against it. Nine abstained from voting. No mainstream media whatsoever has released anything on this bill, YET. There's literally only one "news" article floating around on this. The article is mis-representing the truth and duping many good organizations, such as Infowars, "beforeitsnews, and others, by redistributing the only article out there. And it's in thousands of blogs and private news sites. If you…