Lady Gaga and God (A Wing and a Prayer)

  Personally, I find it too challenging to take note and memorize celebrities, politicians, or other notables', blasphemies, faults and idle words; however, one from Madana i.e., wearing a naked man around her neck, was repulsive enough to remember from back in the day. But ultimately, we can inform, but a person's future and destiny in eternity is between them and God. And God shows all of us our choices, personally, before we die. Hopefully, way before, to at least be able to share the Good News with our friends and loved ones.
But regarding large-scale stage shows and theater, the drive and ambition to be profound and spectacular, whether in secular entertainment, or even Christian expression through media, theater and oratory, can get as tempting as possible, to disregard basic tenets and beliefs. For example, I remember seeing a play from a Christian theater company on "Jesus Christ Super Star". And Herod was the focal charactor playing the part of Satan. It was a good play, but the plot of the story was pure speculation, and not sound doctrine. This may be excusable, as long as the story was for story and entertainment, and not doctrinal teaching.
I said all that to say this: The title and stage show of lady gaga's current tour is similar to creating something spectacular, at the expense of millions of people's beliefs, world-wide. By now, she must be fully aware of just what alot of the controvercy is, in the places she is going, rife with massive street protests and news coverage.
  Recently, yesterday, June 10, 2012, Lady gaga accidently got hit on her head and a walking concussion in New Zealand yesterday, by one of her dancers, with a steel pole. It's amazing she continued for 16 more songs, and I hope she is doing o.k., now. You can see the accident on video through this link: ( )  On may 21, I posted this, after the Philippines protests, and before her Indonesia cancellation due to protests: "Let her market where she's welcome and not where she's not welcome. Christians in the Philippines can say they stood up for their beliefs. Lady Gaga and many others are merely barometers when they go to other countries. The results, like how a nation reacts, produces phenominal information, and the entertainment industry, then, works to increase hers and others' marketability. In Hollywood and the secular music industry, entertainers are a "product". Much can be said about people being a product, whether secular or non-secular. But it seems mainstream entertainers are ok with being a product who carries a message from someone they have no clue about."
  My point is, that Madona is fortunate to have survived to tell her tales. Lady gaga, on the other hand, is doing the same religious mockeries as madona, and yet says she doesn't want to "fight'. I beg to differ. She is barking up the wrong tree. But who, of everyone in this world, has not "barked up the wrong tree", and lived to see our errors? It is only God's mercies that she is still alive, like the rest of us. ( Lamentations 3:22 It is of the LORD'S mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.)  However, whatever one's opinion and thoughts on Lady Gaga and other entertainers, specifically, I believe God will change her ways. God's presence in the midst of evil is too hard to resist.

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