Easter as Told By Ps. Jurgen Matthesius of C3San Diego, and Free Easter Download From Billy Graham Association

Watch this message from last year and plan on being here this Easter, march 31, 2013 at C3 Church San Diego. Clik here for message:  http://www.podcast-directory.co.uk/episodes/video-resurrection-easter-service-ps-jurgen-matthesius-04-08-12-am-18095114.html
Also!!! Here's a free Easter prep download from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association: https://secure.billygraham.org/easter/easter.aspx?QR=168&BA=2827&SOURCE=BY133ENNG&gclid=CKekqt63lrYCFSRxQgodSV4ALw

Link to C3 website: http://c3sandiego.com/

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