"Cancer! Prepare to Die!" - Carman Licciardello

Here's update#4 From Carman's Kickstarter: May 9. 2013 <iframe src="http://www.facebook.com/video/embed?video_id=10151682798196019" width="640" height="480" frameborder="0"></iframe> 

Watch this special video message from Carman. And don't forget the following link for opportunity to help for all the good reasons, and to see his personal video appeal while officially describing his diagnosis. http://bit.ly/CarmanKickstarter 

 I've always believed in giving credit when credit is due. And I learned that from an 80+ year old missionary I've known since the mid-1980's and had the honor of working with her for several years before she passed away in 2003, named Winifred Smith, who said, "I want my flowers before I die!". This was back around 1990. So I've noticed ever since then that many who are often quoted in sermons after they died, scarcely got a mention before they died. Case in point is C.H. Spurgeon, who many thought he was a mean man while he was alive. Now he is quoted almost as often as the Bible by pretty much everyone who is called a pastor, evangelist or authors. But more recently, is Rich Mullins who died in a car accident in 1997. he was a very prolific singer/song writer/instrumentalist/producer, of Christian contemporary music from the early 1980's until he passed away. This year, finally, a movie of his life story will be released. He achieved high notoriety only after he died, but was also widely covered in Christian radio, as I myself quite often played his music and whole albums as a radio broadcaster from 1990-1994 when I left the radio business for family matters.
 I first learned about Carman in 1990 in San Diego during Bible School in which I lived at a homeless mission in Downtown San Diego for five months of the five and a half years with an Ashland, VA Bible School. A fellow student and I went to his concert, at which I was amazed at his theatrical performance and lyrics as well as the phenomenal sounds of the music and songs. Most impressive was how he prayed collectively as the whole audience prayed for the person's next to them for whatever they needed in prayer. A girl next to me wanted her shorter leg to grow, in which it actually did. As superficial as that may sound, even more amazing requests were met, including new salvations in Christ, and if my memory serves me right, his theme tour was called, "radically saved." And the following year, while I had further been able to work as a radio deejay/production and news manager in Ashland, VA's then, WPES AM1430 radio station, I had the honor to interview Carman along with my radio colleague who's name also was Carmen, with an E. She did all the talking because I was simply stunned. But the meeting was humorouas, as while we were waiting backstage for him, I stepped back one step and accidentally bumped into someone, and I turned around and recognized him, and purposefully, being the silly person I am, nonchalantly said, "O, excuse me." And our current 15 minutes of fame began there. And even further, before his Album and movie, "Heart of A Champion came out, I had the honor to promote the film before coming out in theaters, and I still have a couple posters I had saved. Of course, Carman is a great guy, to say the least. And currently, Carman is involved in a "Kickstarter" campaign to create another album, in the face of his diagnosis, and as one of his past song's lyrics says, "Cancer! Prepare to die!" Here is the link, to get involved. I did. http://bit.ly/CarmanKickstarter 
  You can look at Wikipedia for a detailed bio and history of Carman Licciardello. But below is a brief recent update.
  In November 2011, Carman was involved in an auto accident. He was in the passenger seat when the driver made a left into the church parking lot in front of a crowd of fans waiting to get into the concert. A truck from oncoming traffic struck Carman's side at 50 mph. Carman was able to walk into the church attempting to continue with the scheduled concert, but collapsed soon after. He was taken to a hospital just outside of Houston, Texas, where he was examined and x-rayed. No broken bones or spinal injuries were found. However there were internal injuries that required surgery.[6]
In a photo post made on both his official and personal Facebook accounts on February 14, 2013, Carman revealed that he had been diagnosed with myeloma and given a prognosis of only three to four more years to live.[7] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carman_Licciardello 
  I remember when Carman had his near-fatal vehicle accident, and he had posted on his facebook request for prayer. I immediately began to think of famed, Pastor david Wilkerson, who had recently died in a car accident just 2 months prior to Carman's accident. And being the patternest and trend type of person I am, I believed something out-of-the ordinary was going on, and realize horrible tragedies tend to happen to those who are adamant about the Gospel, such as Wilkerson and Carman. So I messaged carman telling him this is nothing but a spiritual plot against his life and that I am praying for his miraculous recovery, which he did eventually recover.
 Be that as it was and is, Carman has yet undergone another harrowing diagnosis, as mentioned in the above link from Wikipedia.
  Carman is nothing short of amazing, as you may already know, if you have followed his career or have been a fan of his, because his response has been nothing short of a living example of how a Christian properly reacts to fear or bad news.
  I urge you all, as you read this, to see the opportunity to research and follow this amazing story, because it is an opportunity to witness a miracle-in-the making, and if for nothing else, to encourage you to also have the same faith that will pull this man through in his most crucial time of need. read his posts on his facebook, and see also, that he is not even afraid of dying, and even realizes now where he will be, and the inevidability for all men to die in physical, but continue on into eternity.
  I'll conclude by saying what carman would expect to be said, that it is not man or mankind that we need to look to, rather it is Jesus, who died to save all man's souls from hell. My challenge is to drop all your prejudices, brief conceptions, anger, resentment or simple unbelief, and read the Bible for yourself, and begin the journey that God wants you to, and as Jesus Himself said, "Learn of me."
Matthew 11:29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

John 6:37 All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.

***FOOTNOTE Here's the message used to begin Carman Licciardello's Kickstart campaign, and below this is the Feb 14, 2013 official facebook notification by Carman giving his known details of his cancer diagnosis***

2 Months ago I sat in a Doctors office and was told I had incurable Multiple Myeloma Cancer with a 3-5 year window of time to live. I felt like God had looked at me and said "Your Fired" with no explanation. I neve...r even imagined I could ever feel so worthless or dismissed. After 32 years of dedicated ministry, winning souls and building the body...my own body now betrayed me and heaven went silent. Most of the members of my own immediate family wouldn't even call or write a text. I felt useless, past my time of value, my shelf life had expired and it was going to be a painful exit from this world. As a last resort I put up a simple post on face book just telling it all. What did it matter anyway.

Then the shocker of shockers happened. People began to post the most encouraging messages by the 10's of 1,000's. Just when I was calling my attorney to finalize my will, I looked and there was 10-20,000 comments saying we love you, stay strong, read this scripture, I have been through it too, and keep on ministering. I was so shocked I couldn't say anything but just stare at the page. And it has been YOU, my friends, my partners, my brothers and sisters in Christ who have rallied me back into the fight and prayed me back to my feet. You've kept me alive and even said over and over again " What can I do to help"?

Well here it is. I'm going back into the studio to make a new record with new songs from a man who is staring down the angel of death and backed by the prayers of the saints. I'm getting songs and melodies in my sleep and at the strangest times. Like when I first got saved. God is giving me a new song and I need to record them, then make a video and a tour..just like I always been called to do. And "This Time" YOU " will be apart of it.

I'm beginning a KICKSTARTER Campaign tonight and you can make a donation of any kind and receive a special gift from me. There are all different levels of participation. You'll receive things like, the download of the first single, to signed CD's, a Phone call from me personally or even sing on the record, become an executive producer, be invited to the Celebrity listening party in Nashville and even have me come to your church and minister with the new songs.

This is OUR record and everyone can participate. Or maybe give it as a gift to a longtime fan. Then I will be taking this new music on tour and getting as many people saved as I can with the time I have left.

I'm asking you to do 2 simple things:

1. Click on this link http://bit.ly/CarmanKickstarter and see what God would have you do.

2. Share this post on your page and with your friends.

I'm determined to not leave this world quietly and bring as many people with me when God does call my name. Will you join me?
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  • Michael Tobin I'm giving! I met u at the Richmond, Va sports arena about 1993 me and my radio partner named Carmen with an e interviewed you for our radio station but she did all the talking because I was stunned lol. I've loved your ministry since 1990 when I first discovered you in San Diego and actually helped promote your movie Heart of a Champion. You've always had a special place not just in my appreciation for your gift in theater and music, but also in my heart. God bless you brother you help me be a better man, and as Yul Brenner in The King and I says, "etcetera, etcetera, etcetera."

I have delayed writing this but those of you I call friends and supporters, who have prayed for me and this ministry need to know about this new battle that lies ahead. One week ago I was diagnosed with Myeloma Cancer. It is incurable and I've been given a 3-4 year window of time. Tomorrow I go in for my first bone biopsy and the process will start. I used to go to movies in the afternoon, now I go see doctors. I write these things for a few reasons. First, I want to put an e...nd to all the rumors. Second, I ask for your prayers. And 3rd, I want you all to know that I will continue to minister and win souls until I can't do it any longer. My life has always been about ministry. I have a call of God to touch lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ and that's what I will do until the Lord calls me home. Please, do not allow this facebook site to be an ongoing blog for cancer treatment remedy's. That would be depressing to everyone. If you have any insight you can message me personally. But I want to encourage you, if you can, to please come see me the next time I'm in your area. Bring someone who doesn't know the Lord or who needs to be healed. I will always pray for the sick and I'm also going to step up the intensity of my message at these events. I will not leave this world quietly and I want the devil to know that he put cancer on absolutely the wrong Italian. I have a few good years and before it's too late I want to see your faces, shake your hands and hug your necks. But mostly I want to see one of you get healed of what threatens your future and I really want to see someone you love come to Christ. Now lets get back to business, we have to work while its day for soon the night comes.
I love you all -C
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"Prepare To Die" Video
 David walked out, nervous and excited
Into the valley of the war
To face the giant who threatened God's people
Clad in the armour of the LORD
Those around him doubted any kind of victory
Even before it all began
Then the giant looked down
And laughed in David's face
And said, "Do you know who I am?
Man, I'm Goliath, I'm your enemy
The power of Death is within my command
Man, I'm Goliath, open your eyes
I can bury you right where you stand
I'm your ultimate nightmare, the reality of Fear
My threats have been intimidating people now for years
You dumb religious fool, just get on out of here
'Cause I'm Goliath."

Then something hit old David, a revelation so it seemed
And a holy anger drilled him
And the boy got spittin' mean
And it shot right through the fibers of his spirit like a beam
And all across the countryside, everybody heard him scream

Prepare to Die
Prepare to Die
I've got a message from the God of whom you have defied
You come against me with your weapons from Hell
You come against me with your fearful evil spell
But I come against you in the name of the God of the armies of Israel
Prepare to Die

Sometimes we walk out, nervouce and excited
Into the valley of our war
To face the giant who threatens God's people
Clad in the armour of the LORD
Those around us doubt any kind of victory
[- From: http://www.elyrics.net -]

Even before it all began
Then our giant looks down and laughs in our face
And says, " 'Ey, do you know who I am?
I'm Depression, I'm your enemy
The power of Death is within my command
Hey, I'm Leukemia, open your eyes
I can bury you right where you stand
I'm your ultimate nightmare, the reality of fear
My threats have been intimidating people now for years
You dumb religious fool, just get on out of here
'Cause I'm Cancer."

Then something will hit your soul, a revelation so it seems
And a holy anger will drill you
And boy, you get spittin' mean
And it will shoot right through the fibers of your spirit like a beam
And all across the countryside, everybody will hear you scream

Prepare to Die
Cancer, prepare to Die
I've got a message from the God of whom you have defied
You come against me with your weapons from Hell
You come against me with your fearful evil spell
But I come against you in the name of the God of the armies of Israel
Prepare to Die
Leukemia, prepare to Die

For the last time
You come against me with your weapons from Hell
You come against me with your fearful evil spell
But I come against you in the name of the God of the armies of Israel
Disease, Hatred, Jealousy
Enemies of the Cross-
Prepare to Die.

***UPDATE 4-24-13***

ROUND 2: Ok, I just got back from 3 days of examinations and treatments. And the prognosis after two months is somewhat better.... I think. Going the natural route is the long term process but it still require...s lots of pills, drinks, potions and supplements. My cells are getting healthier, but the cancer is still very much there. Progress, yes, but not enough. The stuff I really need to be drinking is hard to keep down. I have a strong gag reflex so certain things I must drink, I stare at for 15 minutes, psyching myself into it. And even then I can't do it. So we have to find alternate methods, ugh. Since this is gonna be a brutal fight I thought I'd pchange my cardio workouts and start training doing M.M.A. It makes sense. To me anyway. And I will continue to move forward as well as look forward. Writing new songs, praying new prayers, dreaming new dreams and going to war with new devils. I did find out that although the giving on the Kickstarter is going well, if I don't hit the goal of 200,000 that I have to give everything back. So please everyone, if you can repost the link below somewhere with high visibility I would love you forever. And if you were planning on signing up for one of the levels, do it soon. You might want to get something as a gift for a loved one. It's a once in a lifetime deal, ya know. But I've learned through all this that how you die says as much about you as how you live. There is an end for all of us. It's appointed for Everyman once to die. And he that endures to the end shall be saved. Finishing strong is as important as living strong. Learn from the life of Jesus, his death was as important as his life. That's what I want. No matter where The Lord takes me or the road I travel to get there. I want to finish strong. Im curious, since we're taking this journey together: What are your thoughts on finishing strong ? http://bit.ly/CarmanKickstarterSee More

 ***UPDATE 4-26-13***
In appreciation for your support to kickstart this ministry and minister through the kickstarter campaign I thought I would start posting on a regular basis some fun memories for me and see if they trigger some fond memories for you. This was on the very first video compilation I released in the 90's. Nobody in Christian music was doing any concept music videos so, with this one, I had no idea if I was going to be applauded or excommunicated from all churches for life, lol. I got the concept from the movie the Wizard of OZ. I thought what if a little demon was complaining about Christians praying down strong holds in our society. And Satan was actually identifying what those strongholds in his questioning. It was a very controversial video and I got a lot of heat from church leaders on it at the time. But It only took a couple days to film. We had literally no budget and most all the work was volunteer. All these years later, the anointing still holds up. If there's any others you want to see let me know, I'll see If I can find them. Also where were you and what was going on in your life when you first heard this one ?

Learn more about Carman at www.carmanlive.com  

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