Ted Nugent: Gentleman's Haircut

 A gentleman? Maybe not, per se'. But a good man? Yes. Say and think what you will, but he's a man of action, lyrics, talent, and as red-white and blue as any American has ever been. I like Ted.
So the title of this blog; "Ted Nugent: Gentleman's Haircut."
 Cut to the chase, here's some before/after pics for your viewing. And thanks for checking out my blog, because I Like Mike. By the way, here's a plug and thanx to all who I snagged the pics from.

OFFICIAL page for guitar wildman & whackmaster Ted Nugent! 'UltraLive BallisticRock' is Now Available >> http://bit.ly/TedNugentUltraLive  .
And be sure to visit his official website at, www.tednugent.com .

Back of ted Nugent's new haircut and not sure who the other cat is. (Altreyu lead singer?) Oct 23, 2013 facebook photo

Artist's rendition. Hope to see it soon, for real!

Earlier cover photo for Uncle Ted's fb page.

Throwback pic from 'the day', with the great Stevie Ray Voughn. And play the drumroll! Below, here's the real deal with his new DO, along with his beautiful wife, Shemane Deziel

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