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Christianity in U.K and the U.S.A., ISIS Recruitment

One of the hardest compilations of my thoughts yet. I hope you can appreciate the content.

 In a Sep 6 FOX interview, the subject was concerning British and American society, "Decline in Christian Values Fueling ISIS Recruitment?" Well, the subject quickly changed to multiculturalism, of course, and you can just use your imagination of all the same arguments being hashed out on twitter, facebook and all the mainstream media and independent news sources. But the following sources below will deal with some important things to consider, which is what the Christian Values question was actually a confirmation of the below articles' question I read a day or two before. 

  Also a couple days ago, Q #2 in this link to a Sep. 4, 2014 blog by David Rubin, (
Beheadings: Learning from the Founder of Islam )  question number 2 of 3 q's the author …

Israel & Hollywood: Friends or Foe?

Israel & Hollywood: Friends or Foe? By: Michael Tobin Aug. 8, 2014
   Here are a few statements from a few celebrities. I've actually met Jon Voight and he's a seriously cool guy. But first, here's a letter of thank you for all those who support Israel.
Benjamin Netanyahu Aug 3, 2014 Thank You letter to supporters of Israel

The court jester strikes again. But even a fool should know who the good guys are. #BillMaher managed to ... provoke women and the pro-Palestinian camp with this tweet: “Dealing w/ Hamas is like dealing w/ a crazy woman who’s trying to kill u – u can only hold her wrists so long before you have to slap her.” Bill Maher  

Jon Voight speaks out against ignorant celeb sympathizers, Penelope Cruz and Javier Barden. A letter last month in a Spanish newspapers signed by the couple demanded a cease-fire and called on the E.U. to condemn Israeli actions in Gaza that their letter described as “genocide.” Cruz flipflopped last Wednesday. “I’m not an expert on the …

July 5 Independence Weekend Ride For Sgt. Anthony Tahmooressi

***UPDATE July 9, 2014***
Video: Marine held in Mexico gets day in court JULY 9TH, 2014 | BATTLE RATTLE | POSTED BY HOPE HODGE SECK As Marine veteran Andrew Tahmooressi appeared in a Mexican courthouse in Tijuana today for an evidentiary hearing, a host of lawmakers and a movie star are voicing their support for him. Tahmooressi says he missed his exit at the San Ysidro border crossing March 31, entering Mexico with three firearms and dozens of rounds of ammunition in his truck before being arrested by Mexican authorities. His court proceedings were delayed by a series of legal hiccups: he has fired his attorney twice before hiring lawyer Fernando Benitez to represent him. While the results of the hearing, which began at 11:30a.m. local time, have not been released yet, Fox News has this good primer on the action: video is from MAY 24, 2014 So far, thousands of members of the public hav…

Active and In-Active Military No More Silent

It sickens me to my stomach to be blogging about this because things like this barely scratch the surface of the many blatant actions of just one person's presidential administration and their cohorts running rampant throughout the united States, all the way from the Whitehouse down to our military, farms and farmers, ranches and ranchers, cities, towns, schools, libraries and even the jails, prisons, hospitals and clinics. I invite you to rake through my blogs through more of the topsoil of just what is going on in this nation and world, and see if you can catch a vision for hope and change. Yes you can.   The latest outrage, of course, is the release of 5 terrorists for one deserter. But what about honorable Christian Americans in Iranian and Sudanese prisons? And an honorable US Marine in a Mexican jail, south of San Diego, California> All of which are and have been tortured, all of which Obama is factually aware of? I'm speaking of,…

Who Are Real Friends of Jesus and You

You may be surprised who Jesus' friends REALLY are. Ask people if they feel they're a bad friend or a good friend of Jesus. And then see if they allow you into their life. (You really don't need to ask.) Then take a look at those who actually do allow you into their life. Those are your real friends. And Jesus is one of them. As they say; be like Jesus, right? Don't waste time and energy on rejection. Jesus didn't. BTW, for various reasons I think I'm a bad friend of Jesus but he's definitely my best friend.  And I may not be the best friend to all my friends, but I'm still a friend and my friends are still my friends too.

What is the Militia, Who are They, and What is the Militia Purpose?

***UPDATE MAY 1, 2014*** Most people didn't catch the statements being made past few weeks, "dis-arm the Feds." But I did. I've heard it come straight from Claven Bundy quite a few times and just a minute few other politically elected individuals. The media failed to elaborate on it, though they were quite aware of NOT informing the tv mainstream uninformative news watchers. but here's the latest below, and it's running down the tracks at quite a good amount of speed. But I was wondering how soon til regular news listeners would catch on. People still don't know, simply because they JUST don't like to read and they allow mainstream tv talking heads to form their opinions, beliefs and ideas straight from the can. Brains just aren't registering it.

Utah lawmaker moves to disarm BLM, IRS, says ‘They’re not paramilitary units’ ByCheryl K. Chumley - The Washington Times…