Chelene Nightingale on California/U.S. Voter Education

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 former 2010 Constitution Party Gubernatorial candidate as she speaks about Planned Parenthood producing a video promoting bondage and sadomasochism to teens. How did being a liberal change in the U.S. and when? What is Chelene's next pursuit, and what's going on in Anaheim in march?       Chelene and I discuss these points and she answers these questions as well as gives a wealth of resources to effectively prepare yourself to understand how to vote smart and effectively, as well as get involved, to change where you live.
*Chelene Nightingale is the daughter of an Air Force veteran. She attended military base schools and learned patriotism and loyalty to the United States of America from her military upbringing and maternal legal immigrant family.
*Chelene's prior occupations have included modeling and acting, until the 9-11 tragedies and the birth of her son, and began pursuing politics because of the grave danger of losing our Constitutional rights in the USA.
*One of her most proud achievements was helping to bring national attention to the false imprisonment of former Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean. She successfully organized a march in Hollywood for the agents which was featured on the nationally syndicated program “America’s Most Wanted” hosted by John Walsh.

Michael Tobin
I wish I can talk about everything, but my point before another example is that modern liberal socio/commie-leaning anti-Constitutional Democrats, namely Obama, and most recently Senate Majority leader Reid, pride themselves on deceitful pointing out hypocrisy and outdated archaic ways of our Constitution, yet Reid insanely called all those claiming the hardships so called affordable health care act has caused their quality and affordability of health Cate, liars! But the facts are that our founders were extremely better spoken and of a higher quality of intelligence than most people alive now, and it should be common knowledge today's modern university's and liberal politician's mission is to dumb us down and yet they claim George Washington's education was equivalent to the fifth grade education of the year I was in sixth grade. That's what we were told in public schools, and I'll be fifty next month. How many politicians now, had to know Greek and Latin in High school as a prerequisite to enter university? Our founders did! Now public schools have no limits or boundaries to respect with vile lies being told our children. And the Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid calls millions of voters a liar! Is there any hope of a turnaround in our understanding between good and evil to where at least we can comprehend how to judge candidates to vote for and those our.primaries should not accept as viable candidates, specifically, California?

Michael Tobin
Self centeredness, apathy and willful ignorance on the voters part. And the brilliant communist manifesto being achieved by our fake conservative rink GOP and democrats seeking new world order, are who I blame. Is it too difficult to expect voters to admit their folly and turn from their folly and begin to learn? Is there a twelve-step program to bring voters back to sober elections?
Fiorini and Agenda 21? What voters guide do u recommend?

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