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Oil Prices Should Fall, Possibly Hard

MAR 7, 2016 @ 06:25 AM Forbes
Oil Prices Should Fall, Possibly HardArt Berman CONTRIBUTOR
Oil prices should fall, possibly hard, in coming weeks. That is because fundamentals do not support the present price. Prices should fall to around $30 once the empty nature of an OPEC-plus-Russia production freeze is understood. A return to the grim reality of over-supply and the weakness of the world economy could push prices well into the $20s. A Production Freeze Will Not Reduce The Supply Surplus An OPEC-plus-Russia production cut would be a great step toward re-establishing oil-market balance. I believe that will happen later in 2016 but is not on the table today. In late February, Saudi oil minister Ali Al-Naimi stated categorically, “There is no sense in wasting our time in seeking pr…

What Happened With Oil Stocks Highest Ever Gains March 4 & 5, 2016?

Will this continue? Just look at the days' reports, sounds like a big day for traders and hopefully long investors. We'll see. But here's a  report from late last Friday that began the day before that was very shocking and surprised everybody.

UPDATE: Epic short squeeze helps launch historic gains in oil stocks
2 days 18 hours 49 minutes ago - DJNF By Tomi Kilgore, MarketWatch
Chesapeake's stock posted its biggest-ever weekly gain, as short interest topped 40% of public float Shares of Chesapeake EnergyEP Energy and Rexx Energy rocketed to their biggest ever weekly gains Friday, as an extended run-up in crude oil prices helped trigger a massive retreat by those who bet heavily against some downtrodden energy stocks. Chesapeake's stock (CHK) has soared 19% on Friday on volume of 188.6 million shares, making it the most active U.S. stock on the day, and climbed 89% for the week. The stock's second-biggest weekly percentage gain since it went public 23 years ago …

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Royal Presidential Bloodline Cousins?

Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Royal Presidential Bloodline Cousins? By: Michael D. Tobin March 6, 2016
Every 4 years as far back as I remember from the Reagan years when I first began following politics when I was 16 years old, mainstream articles pop up reminding us of Presidential royal bloodlines. This story was the last straw for this year's elections candidates:( I've been wondering why I haven't seen anything about Donald Trump's bloodline, so I finally got in gear and did a little search, and came up with the following. As far as this above linked article claiming 'ALL' Presidents, it turns out the second of the articles below put that notion to rest: "...with the exception of Martin Van Buren, all U.S. Commanders in Chief — including current President Barack Obama — were descendants of a medieval English king." - JILIAN FAMA from article, "Outrageously Bizarre Fact…

Seven Years of my Best Gospel Teachings/Videos

AUG 10, 2016 UPDATE   You have no idea how much I go above-and-beyond for listeners! I need to raise around $3,000 per month so I can be where the news is and speak to and interview people in person, instead of speak ABOUT what somebody ELSE has written or broadcast about! I'm hoping my friends on Facebook can help me out. If you only donate to a cause once per month, let me be the cause of the month. Just in the past 4 weeks I've driven cross-country and while passing through Texas, I was UNABLE to go through the Dallas area where I would have LOVED to stop through and pay respects to Dallas Police following the recent cop killings, and interview someone LIVE!. Well, here in San Diego, I was busy doing flood and water damage work for a contractor friend and was UNABLE to even drive 30 miles SOUTH of me to be a part of ANYTHING to do with San Diego's shootings within THEIR police department! This, as you may be able to see, could be very aggravating for a reporter such as …