Why I May Vote For Trump (Super Tuesday 2016)

Why I May Vote For Trump By: Michael D. Tobin March 1, 2016 (Super Tuesday)

  My state, California, is not part of Super Tuesday, but here is a tough one. Had I watched Thursday's debate I would have known this already. ( TRUMP: AS PRESIDENT, I CAN'T TAKE ISRAEL'S SIDE Cruz, Rubio explode on GOP kingpin: 'Have you ever negotiated with terrorists?' Published: 5 days ago. Updated: 02/26/2016 at 9:31 PM http://www.wnd.com/2016/02/dump-on-trump-night-debate-means-war-on-gop-kingpin/ 
  I'm now faced with my next level of reasoning on why I would support Trump: And that is that I would be more concerned for my own country rather than our closest and most loyal friends in the world, Israel. Should we be more concerned about our own issues and let our friends deal with theirs for now? I'm sure Israel can fend for themselves, as long as a possible Trump Presidency doesn't hinder Israel as our recent Presidents have, and our current (p)resident with a lower case p. But how likely is that? Donald Trump says Obama has treated Israel "horribly" And Trump has no clue that it is because Obama acted the same way Trump described as his own reasons for not "siding" with Israel because it would "demean" the Palestinians. Mr. Trump. That is what it looks like to act on what you claim. At least all the other phonies are aware of Israel's issues. I keep trying to give Trump the benefit of the doubt but he now shows he will throw anybody at random under the proverbial bus. This is where Trump starts acting like a guy who will throw someone under the bus to win the show. Or he just never saw the importance of knowing who our enemies and allies really are. Aren't the Israelis the ones who say, "the enemy of our enemy are our friends?" Well it's true. So if our ally can't even back us up against our own enemy, how is that an ally? WHO will someone who knows little about the most important country in the world of all history, choose as an adviser? Suddenly he doesn't even know anything about our closest ally in the world's closest problem by saying the fake Palestinians will be "demeaned" if he takes sides with Israel? There's just way too much to say and I'm not going to say it because it'll merely strengthen other's weak arguments who just like Trump have no clue on actual issues because they refuse to learn. None of all previous arguments against Trump hold water. But this one does. Sadly, this will go on the long list of other's arguments against him, as if they're all valid. But to me, this is a good candidate of a deal breaker, which has potential of leaving me and many others with nobody else to vote for either. As for me, I am tired of the lessers of the evils, but if I were to vote for a lesser again, I would have to side with Cruz, if I believe his domestic policies along with allied policies would be better than Trump's better domestic policies along with his dangerous allied policies.
My problem is Trump has finally become a big question mark after his Israel neutrality reasoning. leaving me with nobody else to vote for except others who haven't been invited to the show. Besides what we're supposed to do with our rights that many nations don't have (as if our voting rights are meaningful), I am left with simple faith. It's very unnerving. I really believe this is the most important election before either being made again or broken completely and all hell will break loose. On a positive note for Trump, there's this inkling of a feeling that he may have Hollywood insiders on his campaign brain and the whole thing will turn out to be a well-planned script for his whole 1st term, should he make it, and somehow he will humor us all and we can sing koombaya for 4 years. maybe it's just my imagination running wild. I'm also wondering if Trump will be one to let Israel mind their own business without our interference, and if that's the case, he will definitely loose because obviously the powers that be want to control every movement or lack of movement by Israel. If that is the case with Trumps honest idea of neutrality, then he would be my choice. Because we've interfered with Israel for way too long.

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