Owen Wilson: How's He Doing?

Owen Wilson: How's He Doing? 
By: Michael D. Tobin May 17, 2016

  In a Sep 10, 2007 people article titled, Owen Wilson: What Happened? , there is a compilation of events and possible explanations for what happened with actor, Owen Wilson leading to what police determined an attempt suicide. It's strange that I heard a portion of what happened then, on the news, and afterward didn't see or hear much at all. But within following weeks when I web searched details, I wasn't able to find anything, so I was just left with the fact that he had survived, and sought professional help, and must be ok now...hopefully.
  As my readers must know, from time to time I will do a blog on a favorite actor I admire for various reasons. And throughout my life, I have been 'stuck' on quite a few actors or musicians, to the point where I do research on just what makes them tick, and "am I right that these celebrities really are how I perceive them?"
  So more pleasantly often than not, and I don't recall being mistaken, they really are who I perceive them to be. But more than the typical fascination or ways of comparing myself to others, my real passion is actually that I have this unquenchable tendency and desire to pray for celebrities; not as some type of personal ministry or a noble goal. But I have this genuine concern for people, and I've given up questioning why. Because I can not get a real describable answer. i just sincerely care for many specific celebrities, and specifically, I care for all celebrities. So what does a good Christian do? We pray for others.
  So with that paragraphs description, I want to say, keeping this blog short but sweet, I am wondering, "How is Owen Wilson Doing Now?" I have been praying for that guy and thinking about him for the past 9 or so years now, and have not given up. and I am in the process of trying to catch up with EVERYTHING before I go on my next life pursuits, after my last couple decades have been the most strenuous in my 52 years of age. After several attempts to locate Owen's story online I have just found something today, and now able to write about it.
  Here is the latest: The latest interview titled, Owen Wilson interview: After hard times, the actor is back on track in Zoolander 2 from the news sight, Independent, dated February 10, 2016 this year. Aside from his following movies since 2007, all the poperazi, photo journalism, and personal family events and family life, he is reportedly doing fine. But I have a feeling he is, but he is still hashing things out. And because of that, I will conclude that I am still praying for him, and Owen, if you are reading, I would like to meet you one day.
  With that said, I am not the kind of writer who writes everything I think or know, because some things are more ethical to save for personal conversations. Also, through the years, I've learned many of those who do, only care about the information, but not on what they write about, and are like parasites mining information, but never leveling that they only have it because they snatched it somewhere, without reference to any source for validation. I don't believe it's cut&dry about "never revealing your sources." I believe very often that revealing sources validates what you write about, and it's just plain polite.
  So those are my quick thoughts and my own personal update on how he's doing. I'm not satisfied and am still rooting for Owen Wilson. God bless you buddy, if you are reading.

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