(Select this link for video and active reference links/updated articles) Blue Cut Fire continues to burn in San Bernardino County; 31,600 acres scorched

Blue Cut Fire Cajon Pass California!
By: Michael D. Tobin
Aug 17, 2016

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Canada also would have been a blessing to have been able to respond with their recent Alberta firestorms but I was financially crippled at the time, and I am barely getting back on track after my employer lost their contract/client last Christmas holiday season leaving me unemployed up until this week (if all goes well with a temporary job service with vinyl mfg windows company and who knows what else.) I would greatly appreciate it and any long holiday weekends or vacation time can be spent going, and if I am able to have long-term support I will be full-time broadcast as my occupation, which is what my heart's desire and prayers are for. Thanx so much and hope you are blessed by my broadcasts, blogs and video links as well!

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