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Michael Tobin Show El Cajon Police Shooting of Black Refugee & Ps Miles McPherson Calls For Prayer

Michael Tobin Show El Cajon Police Shooting of Black Refugee & Ps Miles McPherson Calls For PrayerBy: Michael D. Tobin Sep. 28, 2016

Here is my blog I promised on how we can fix this country. Every one of us. 
U.S. Slave Mentality In Turbulent Times
By: Michael D. Tobin Sep. 27, 2016 Select this link:

Ps Miles McPherson, Senior Pastor of The Rock Church was with El Cajon Police Chief Jeff Davis calling on citizens for peace and assurance of a fair investigation following yesterday afternoon's fatal police shooting of a black male refugee, after video and reports of the male pointing an object with both hands clasped at an officer while also in what appeared to be a shooting stance.

  One officer fired his taser gun at the man as the officer who the man was pointing at fired his service weapon. According to one witness on the scene, the officer shot five times. Another bystander cellphone videoed t…

U.S. Slave Mentality In Turbulent Times

U.S. Slave Mentality In Turbulent Times By: Michael D. Tobin Sep. 27, 2016
We need to take this country back and all get along once again. Realize all the division and tragedy in our nation the past decade or so is by design from our adversary the devil. The Apostle Paul wrote in Romans 5:20, "Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound:" We're not hopeless and helpless as many would believe we are. there is hope, and now is the time to seize what God wants for us all, collectively and individually in our nation and the world.

So concerning the above title, Slave just this one example in the below video clip, of Edward G. Robinson playing the part of the scoffer even though he's a slave too, but he's a slave informant. And that's just like our enemy would like us to be. A bunch of slaves hating each other.

At the time of writing this, there are four locations, all in Louisian…

Why They Won't Make Fun Of Hillary Clinton


200+ Small Earthquakes Hit Salton Sea Area Recently. (Los Angeles Times) September 27, 2016

(Sep 30, 2016 UPDATE: 
ALERT: Southern California Under Emergency Earthquake AdvisoryVictor Valley NewsSeptember 30, 2016Featured StoriesNews CALIFORNIA: (– The state of California is under an emergency earthquake advisory following a series of small earthquakes that began on Monday near the Salton Sea located in Southern California. “California is earthquake country. We must always be prepared and not let our guard down,” said Director Mark Ghilarducci. “The threat of an earthquake on the San Andreas Fault hasn’t gone away, so this is another important opportunity for us to revisit our emergency plans and learn what steps you need to take if a significant earthquake hits.” The California Office of Emergency Services has conferred with the California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council (CEPEC) about this seismic region’s history and potential. Based on these discussions, the California Govern…

Michael Tobin Show Historic Voter Registration Deadline Day!

Clinton/Trump Debate Commentary Michael Tobin Show Historic Voter Registration Deadline Day! by Michael D. Tobin Sep 27, 2016

How Trump won over a bar full of undecideds and Democrats
By Salena Zito September 26, 2016 | 11:53pm

Debate Check: 12 Hillary Lies Debunked
Clinton's debate performance was riddled with mistruths that got a pass from Lester Holt
by Edmund Kozak | Updated 27 Sep 2016 at 11:45 AM

Making America Righteous-Again: From Bitterness To A Delight Kindle Edition (forward description)
by Michael D. Tobin (Author)
In order to make America a better place, we need to literally be the person we want others to see; and not only that, but to want to be that person, personally. It's really individually in which we need to clean up our act, before co…

The Power of INSTINCT from Forbes

Note: To see the video board meeting on Instinct/Data select the link here:
Article from Forbes one of the few I just share without my own commentary.
SEP 19, 2016 @ 09:00 AM
When To Listen To Your Gut (And How To Know When Your Instincts Are Wrong)

David K. Williams,   CONTRIBUTOr
Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

U.S. Supreme Court Handed DOJ Powers To Search YOUR Computers, Indiscriminately

U.S. Supreme Court Handed DOJ Powers To Search YOUR Computers, Indiscriminately  By: Michael D. Tobin Sep. 21, 2016
I've never seen so many people jump all over something so quick and be all over it the same day and the next day. See this FOX News video/article on USA Network News! News, for example. It was released just one day after the SCOTUS ruling, by quite a few sources. And you may wish to keep my blog and share it for future reference. Brit Hume of FOX News and Legal Corespondent Shannon Bream discuss the implications and Congressional opposition of this latest SCOTUS ruling in this video.

SCOTUS gives DOJ new powers to search computers on Sep 20, 2016 SCOTUS gives DOJ new powers to search computers USA Network News
But everything else gets to wait a few days, or weeks, or just sit on a shelf until the next elections. Or even after the elections when it's too late, but just serves as surplus griping and whining material…