The News Bank of Julian Assange?

The News Bank of Julian Assange?
By: Michael D. Tobin 
Sep. 5, 2016

I think Julian Assange's Wikileaks is simply a news information bank where the info is "safe" until ready to be used. Kind of like Swiss banks used to be. I wonder who his boss is? There's no way anybody can be holed up in any embassy and not be extracted without somebody's permission for this Wikileaks thing and Assange's safe haven to even exist. At least he seems to be on the correct side of things though. But I wouldn't hold my breath beings you can't believe much of what you see and hear any more. His latest FOX "interview" 12 minutes. The original from the New York Times is an hour. 

FOX int. (Aug 31, 2016) 

New York Times interview (Aug 31, 2016) 

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