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(April 29. 2017 UPDATE: I will no longer attach my youtube links to any of my blogs/streams/social networks. From 11-21-16. I just found out this is one of the shows that almost got my friend's network that my show is listed on, booted from being aired on youtube. That is why I am asking for support and for friends to share this and my other hard hitting podcasts with your friends. No way do I want to be cause for heat toward my friends network and guest shows as well. I can do this on my own network, but still have some as part of my friend's network also, but keep anything snowflakes orother opposition from silencing my own. As a former Christian radio news director, production manager and disc jockey, I am well aware of tactics. So please consider my show as your source for positive content with solutions and not confusion. Here is the link to my twitter periscope I just created with links and info. God bless you!)

(Nov. …

Michael Tobin Show: In Memory of Cliff Barrows 1923-2016

Michael Tobin Show: In Memory of Cliff Barrows 1923-2016 By: Michael D. Tobin Nov. 15, 2016

“And what could I say about Cliff? My name and Cliff’s need to have a hyphen between us because he has been so loyal and faithful to run our meetings for nearly 60 years; we have been a team that I believe the Lord has used.” - Rev Billy Graham 
From 1991-1994 as a AM Christian radio broadcaster I played Billy Graham's "Hour of Decision" Sunday radio sermon over the air, which aired at stations across the U.S. and all over the world. The half hour broadcast included George Beverly Shea, (Feb 1, 1909-April 16, 2013), Cliff Barrows, the Choir, and Billy Graham, without fail. In today's broadcast I'll include one of the Hour of Decision cassette radio broadcasts I had saved. In it, Cliff Barrows announces Beverly Shea, the Choir, Bob Featherstone (Nov. 3, 1922-Aug. 22, 2001), who was also a pioneer Christian radio broadcaster and associated with the Billy Graham Organization fro…