Michael Tobin Show: In Memory of Cliff Barrows 1923-2016

Michael Tobin Show: In Memory of Cliff Barrows 1923-2016
By: Michael D. Tobin Nov. 15, 2016

“And what could I say about Cliff? My name and Cliff’s need to have a hyphen between us because he has been so loyal and faithful to run our meetings for nearly 60 years; we have been a team that I believe the Lord has used.” - Rev Billy Graham 
From 1991-1994 as a AM Christian radio broadcaster I played Billy Graham's "Hour of Decision" Sunday radio sermon over the air, which aired at stations across the U.S. and all over the world. The half hour broadcast included George Beverly Shea, (Feb 1, 1909-April 16, 2013), Cliff Barrows, the Choir, and Billy Graham, without fail. In today's broadcast I'll include one of the Hour of Decision cassette radio broadcasts I had saved. In it, Cliff Barrows announces Beverly Shea, the Choir, Bob Featherstone (Nov. 3, 1922-Aug. 22, 2001), who was also a pioneer Christian radio broadcaster and associated with the Billy Graham Organization from at least 1966 until he passed on in 2002. 
I wish I can say that I knew them all, and know Billy Graham personally, however I've had the privilege to air The Hour of Decision for 5 years between 1990-1994, and since 2003, I have been a trained chaplain with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team and have been blessed simply for the privilege to bless others, through the Billy Graham and Samaritan's Purse Organizations, now operated by Rev Franklin Graham.
I pray this broadcast blesses you, as we will miss the late Rev Cliff Barrows. He has certainly run the race well.
Since 1950, Cliff Barrows served as Vice Chairman to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Board of Directors. He was the Music and Program Director for Billy Graham Crusades since 1946 and led congregational singing and Crusade choirs around the world. Through music and the proclamation of the Word, Mr. Barrows and Mr. Graham shared the hope of the Gospel that brought millions to saving faith in Jesus Christ.
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