My Book: Making America Righteous-Again: From Bitterness To A Delight Kindle Edition

Making America Righteous-Again: From Bitterness To A Delight Kindle Edition

By: Michael D. Tobin 
March 6, 2017

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  Here is a great book to be read by church lay person's, students and anybody of all ages. I derive from my life's evolving understanding of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and on through my years from 1989 on until current, from when I returned to Jesus. I explain in some detail my personal conversion and what led to it, and how I chose to allow God to direct me in many various ways, and how you can, too. But it wasn't until recently that I realized that as we do what we can to be useful to not only ourselves, but to others, then we are making America righteous! And if you are a globetrotter, and you apply the principles of Scripture and the Gospel, then you are making the world a better place! That excites me.
  In order to make America a better place, we need to literally be the person we want others to see; and not only that, but to want to be that person, personally. It's really individually in which we need to clean up our act, before collectively doing so. We tend to want everyone else to be better in order for ourselves to feel like being better.
  I did an interesting thing after deciding on my title. The thought occurred to me to make an acronym for my book title. So I took the letters, M, A, R, and A from the beginning of the first four words in the book title, "Making America Righteous-Again," to form the acronym, M.A.R.A. . The acronym forms the female name, or a word, meaning "bitterness", with Hebrew origins. A lake in the wilderness from the book of Exodus was named Mara, because it was a bitter water. But God told Moses to throw a stick in the water. So Moses had thrown a stick in the water and the water became sweet!   In the book of Ruth, Naomi told the people of Bethlehem, when they recognized who she was, to no longer call her Naomi, but to call her Mara, because God has dealt bitterly with her. But of course Naomi kept her name, which means beautiful, or my delight. That, of course, is how we must be personally, and as a nation.      We need to change from bitterness to sweet-again! From bitterness, to a delight-again! Where is the stick that God will have thrown at us, to turn ourselves from bitterness-to-sweet and a delight? Spare the rod, spoil the child! I want my life, and I want my country, to change from bitter, to sweet. From bitterness, to a delight-AGAIN. 
  My point throughout this book is to show that righteousness is the means to achieve greatness. Therefore one does not become great in its' desired sense and definition without first becoming righteous. I have compiled over 27 years of studies into the 14 chapters in this book, and I hope you are able to see the unique place we are in, and take up the task and do whatever it takes, to turn from bitterness, to a delight.

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