Trusting In The Lord: TESTIMONY AUDIO/BLOG Series PTS 1-3 [4-20-17]

Trusting In The Lord
By: Michael D. Tobin

◄ Psalm 20 ► For the director of music. A psalm of David. 1 May the Lord answer you when you are in distress; may the name of the God of Jacob protect you. 2 May he send you help from the sanctuary and grant you support from Zion. 3 May he remember all your sacrifices and accept your burnt offerings. 4 May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. 5 May we shout for joy over your victory and lift up our banners in the name of our God. May the Lord grant all your requests. 6 Now this I know: The Lord gives victory to his anointed. He answers him from his heavenly sanctuary with the victorious power of his right hand. 7 Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God. 8 They are brought to their knees and fall, but we rise up and stand firm. 9 Lord, give victory to the king! Answer us when we call! Romans 15:12, 13 12 And again, Esaias saith, There shall be a root of Jesse, and he that shall rise to reign over the Gentiles; in him shall the Gentiles trust.13 Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost. 

(Wednesday April 20, 2017 UPDATE: 

In this broadcast I tell some of my testimony. And you may go to my youtube page to subscribe and see all my past recordings from my show, that I have to delete from this spreaker account to make room for more podcasts. Until I am able to keep a premium service with unlimited space I will continue deleting, but thank God they are stored on my youtube, at this link:

I will be having to sell my truck in order to pay bills, as my job is still part time and there have been absolutely no takers for other applications for full time. It really is bad here in California. I think the news just isn't telling the full story.)  (Wed Feb 8, 2017 UPDATE: The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team is sending crisis-trained chaplains to the New Orleans area for an assessment after devastating tornadoes tore through the area on Tuesday. And for my podcast to be effective, my subscription needs to be set at unlimited time and 5-hour maximum allowed individual broadcasts, from the free service which is limited to 15 minutes per broadcast, and total time used, 5 hours.
There are continuous events and places of disaster where victims absolutely need the love of Christ shared, which I am trained for, and desire to respond to. The Billy Graham Rapid Response Team is an international ministry of crisis-trained chaplains ready to deploy at a moment’s notice to natural and man-made disasters. Since its inception in the wake of 9/11, hundreds of chaplains have had the honor of praying with hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, all in the name of Jesus. And I have been broadcasting and writing since 1989 with AM terrestrial radio for 5 years, and following years up until now have written and compiled 27 years worth of my writings into my first book, released in 2016. And since 2009 I have taken up podcasting and other aspects of video, blogging and live streaming. So these are the catalyst to the work of the Lord He has birthed in me the desire to go forward with.
Reports indicate as many as four tornadoes touched down in Southeastern Louisiana, injuring people, causing widespread property damage and rendering many without electricity. Tornado watches continued throughout the day in large parts of Louisiana and Mississippi, including Hattiesburg, where a team of Rapid Response Team chaplains already are offering emotional and spiritual care.
A series of powerful storms have gripped the Southeast in the first two months of the year. Prior to the Mississippi deployment, crisis-trained chaplains began serving in Albany, Georgia, in early January after a deadly storm swept through. Ministry is ongoing in Albany, which also sustained a deadly tornado in late January.

Please pray for all impacted by these disasters as well as the first responders who are working in the wake of them and future disasters. 

(Jan 29, 2017  I still desire to respond to disaster sites sharing the love of Jesus at hurricane, tornado, fires and other disasters as a Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplain.  God is truly leading me to eventually become full-time ministry through BGRRT, world missions and evangelism, and broadcasting, but it requites donations and support, so my prayers are for support, as the doors are and have been open already for quite some time. The harvest is ripe but the laborers are few. Literally. Just a small bit of past ministerial experience is from 5 yrs in Bible school from 1989-1994 as live-in onsite staff. I manned the prayer line over night and actually had a Billy Graham reference phone prayer guide I used. Also, chaplain response ministry as described below, AM Christian radio broadcasting experience as a news director, dj and production manager while in Bible school in Ashland, VA, as well as many aspects of over seas and local missions and various aspects of street preaching and witnessing; so I love to minister to others and am not shy.  Isaiah 6:8 Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me).

 Hello! In the Summer of 1988 after my ex wife and I had broken up and I was kicked out of the house, I was getting drunk with a friend, who I had hoped to be a good source of cocaine, which I had only tried a couple times while in High School, but I was then 24 years old, already a father of three, and now alone, except friends. As I was about to say something to my friend, I heard God's voice plain as day talk to me. My eyes bugged out, and I was NOT on any drugs either. God's voice said to me, a backslider since the age of 14, "Michael, if you keep going on this road, you will be all alone with nowhere to go and nobody to help you. Not even your family will want anything to do with you." The following Summer, I had moved in with my Mom, and while there, I had went to my room, got on my knees and talked to Jesus. I thanked Him for staying with me and stuck by me even though I had taken Him for granted and asked Him to forgive me and to guide me. That Summer I was led by the Holy Spirit to Bible school all the way on the other side of the country, litterally, where I spent 5 years, came back home, received custody of my three children and the rest is history. I would love to write more about my children and their testimonies but given the opportunity, it will be shared in my next book in more detail than I already have, as well as the Lord leads through a more intimate setting as part of sharing before a congregation/church service.
 Fast forward; I am a missionary/disciple of Jesus/online radio broadcaster/blogger. With my goal of $2,000 per month to become full-time long-term ministry, I can be ready to go anywhere at the drop of a hat, and I would be able to reach thousands more listeners globally with superior quality time and effort in broadcasting and production of the Gospel message and events, all with Biblical perspective! I have learned and mastered living on bare essentials and still being content. I have been a trained and deployed chaplain with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team and mine and millions of lives will never be the same because of how God uses us. 
 I have in the past year been tenacious in setting myself up for full-time ministry, broadcast and disaster relief, as well as have also completed my first book in Kindle e-book form, labored in various side jobs and even re-visited Bible school for about a month priming up on study and the Word.
 Currently, I'm at home in San Marcos room mating with a family member. It's called North County, part of San Diego County. By the time you are reading this, I will have already been employed with Home Depot part time for over 5 months. They hired me after Thanksgiving, j
ust in time for shopping season, but I wasn't be able to do any shopping for my three children, friends or other family. 

I've done all I can to request listener support on my online radio show covering the Gospel and world events and to be available to respond with Billy Graham disaster responses as a chaplain as I've been one since 2003 and preach full time, to no avail. I haven't received support but I am like a plane ready for take-off!

 As I acquire funds, I will definitely be able to use them on travels. Currently my son and I are living together. He has the desire to assist me in evangelism, as a father/son team. His desire is to be a missionary. He has also been born again and studied the Gospel since a child. And by the time July of 2017 arrives, I pray to be able to renew my passport and have one for my son. 
 In further pursuing distribution of my book, I need to publish it in print form after taking it off of Kindle, where it has actually sold none since last January release. It was a great attempt and learning experience for future use, though! So I would be able to raise funds, selling and signing my books in person, which would be a tremendous blessing! It is titled, "Making America Righteous-Again: From Bitterness To A Delight." It is based on true and actual events, ministry activities and unwavering availability. Also it is based on Naomi's name meaning, "A Delight", and the Biblical meaning Mara (bitter waters). Mara being the acronym for the title.

 Specifically I am in need of listener and donor support to be able to combine a professional and quality podcast (The Michael Tobin Show ). And to respond as a chaplain with the Billy Graham rapid response team (BGRRT) to our many disasters here in the U.S. 

 Following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, I deployed to Shreveport, Louisiana and ministered to many people in extraordinary ways. Then in September the following years 1-year anniversary of Hurricane's Rita and Katrina, I deployed to New Orleans where the need was still great. One man came to a supply tent and he looked like death worn over and had absolutely no expression. Something was clearly spiritually and emotionally wrong with him. He told us his wife died of cancer 3 weeks before Katrina struck, and destroyed their home. We prayed with him, and you can see his picture in the photo gallery. It is the picture of him sitting on a chair smiling, and I am on the left sitting at a table while on my little cellphone wearing a black cap. He accepted Jesus as his Lord and savior, and immediately he had a permanent smile on his face. He told us afterward that he had not smiled one time since the previous year after his wife died. It was a miracle I had never seen before! Ten years later I still feel like crying just writing about it. He lost his wife! Then 3 months later he lost his home in one of the worst hurricanes ever! I hate to say it but he looked like a zombie. But because people sent some chaplains, we were there to help change this man's life. These are things those who help send others are a part of. So please know that.
 My living expenses like rent, utilities and cell phone, car insurance are very minimal, combined. As disaster response chaplains, we are like firefighters. We can't go if we are not available at a moment's notice, unless we are all retired. I'm not retired, and I desire to break that pattern of mainly retired persons only being those who respond. They don't exactly appreciate being the main one's either. We need people from all walks and able ages. So please help me in this area.
  Three past responses have been vacation time. Two have been weekends and after work because they were the firestorms here in 2003 & 2007 in San Diego, my home town. And one was my most recent, a round-trip flight up to the Bay Area included a couple nights in a hostel and a rent-a-car while unemployed. I've even slept in church basements, a K-Mart, and a community college gym on deployments. It is just the bare essentials to be able to minister full time as I am invited and able to go where there are needs every week of every month.
 My show is called, The Michael Tobin Show which can be found on spreaker . com and I broadcast Biblical teachings, lessons, interviews and current events and political events especially related to Biblical perspectives. Past ministry activities have been with Prison Fellowship, military civilian chaplain volunteer, homeless ministry, street witnessing with Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort and missions trips to Middle East countries, Jamaica, and Mexico.    There's so much more. But now, I am led to do more disaster response chaplain work. I've already responded to two major California fires and three hurricane locations in Florida, Texas and Louisiana, all since 2003 and my most recent BGRRT deployment was Franklin Graham's 13th capitol stop in Sacramento California with his 50-state capitol Decision America Tour 2016, where citizens show up on the capitol steps to pray for our states and commit to get involved in our nation.
  Lately, I have been having to take a pass on quite a few emails and invitations from Franklin Graham's Samaritan's Purse and the Billy Graham Rapid response team (BGRRT) chaplains ministries, including Canada wildfires, all of the recent and current Texas and Louisiana floods, and the most recent Hurricane Matthew affected areas, and NOW fires in Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia; all of which still have SP and BGRRT chaplains ministering to many people in the states affected. I'm hoping someone can help me out. As a broadcaster, missionary and first responder at heart, my heart keeps breaking as all these things occur. If you will forward this link and copy paste this message to your friends and church peers, I would greatly appreciate the help, and can even speak at your church functions to raise funds. BGRRT and SP both allow us to do our own fund-raising because air and travel expenses are the person's responsibilities, and whatever accommodations are available, the ministry offers while on deployment. 
  Just in the past Summer, my son and I had driven cross-country and back after a few weeks at Bible school Summer camp events in Virginia, and without a few friends help, my son and I would not have had the ability to brush up on Bible school for a month of rigorous church scheduling, praying and listening to and learning from Bible scholars from all over the world.
  Your help would be greatly appreciated. With the right amount of significant time and effort I need to be available for long-term disaster response ministry I truly believe my knowledge, creativity and willingness need to be supported because there are very few on this Earth who can pursue their passion(s) to the highest degree. If there is anything anyone can do to keep me going, I would greatly appreciate it!
  Please help me to reach my goals to respond to natural disasters as a Billy Graham Rapid Response Team Chaplain. Thank you and God bless you for considering!

If you would like to support me to travel to domestic disasters such as Texas, Louisiana and other states floods, fires & other disasters; and to help me with a premium podcast subscription for broadcasting unlimited amount of shows instead of limited to 5 hours total, where I have to delete podcasts in order to make room for more, you may do so through several ways: One is by purchasing my book, "Making America Righteous-Again-From Bitterness To A Delight", at, . Also you may go to this link to my PayPal: and simply give as you are able. ALSO, you may see more detail at my GiveSendGo account, , and my GoFundMe account, . Canada also would have been a blessing to have been able to respond with their recent Alberta firestorms but I was financially crippled at the time, and I am barely getting back on track after my employer lost their contract/client last Christmas holiday season leaving me unemployed up until this week (if all goes well with a temporary job service with vinyl mfg windows company and who knows what else.) I would greatly appreciate it and any long holiday weekends or vacation time can be spent going, and if I am able to have long-term support I will be full-time broadcast as my occupation, which is what my heart's desire and prayers are for. Thanx so much and hope you are blessed by my broadcasts, blogs and video links as well! My blog is:  And you may go to my youtube page to subscribe and listen to all my past recordings from my show, that I have to delete from my current podcast account to make room for more podcasts. Until I am able to keep a premium service with unlimited space I will continue deleting, but thank God they are stored on my youtube, at this link:

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