Socialism? PT 2 The Most High In Defense Of The Most Low

Socialism? PT 2 The Most High In Defense Of The Most Low
By: Michael D. Tobin

Spreaker AUDIO from my podcast, "The Michael Tobin Show" Socialism? PT 2 The Most High in Defense of The Most Low

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Michael D. Tobin 

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I hope you enjoy my line-up and they will all likely be history of my early beginnings and something to smile about in comparison to when I actually have professional CD media quality productions. Typically I will be doing interviews or running the whole 'show' on my podcasts, and sharing things God has spoken to me currently, and as in this broadcast, something from decades ago that are so relevant even now. God bless you and thank you for subscribing to my blog, my spreaker and my youtube accounts, and any support you feel led to give, all which I have listed links below.
It took from 1990 to 2006 to finally write about this and finally put it into blog form in 2012. And last year, I actually included this as one of my chapters in my new Kindle e-book, Making America Righteous-Again: From Bitterness To A Delight God has shown us many times in Scriptures, what the turning point is in nations before He intervenes on a national or even worldwide scale. In the Scriptures, He dealt with His chosen people, as well as "non-believer" nations around Israel, as well. Now we are left with not just the known world then, but the whole earth. The following is a look at what the world is up to now, and how it relates to what God is against, and historically, always dealt with because we are now doing the same, few things, that God considers "the last straw."
I'll have a new blog linked shortly after this broadcast.
But I know that only those who are really concerned even bother to wonder about these things, and I have friends and loved one's who are on some sort of government assistance or another, and they aren't abusing it. They work, or are looking for work, or they have special needs children and these are the things anyone who's proud to be American take pride in our taxes going toward. And this blog and broadcast deals with these things and so much more, especially the eternal realm. With our nation being the concern, we have already created a system where anyone and everyone can be helped with food, shelter and medical, but it's getting worse now as it has been predicted. Every time government comes up with a solution, the predicted consequences are always manipulated into existence by those who say those predictions are just non valid opposition. Now the same safety nets are being designated according to race and special interests instead of 'equal opportunity'. There is no illegal alien who ever was refused food, clothing or medical who needed it before being sent back to get here the proper ways, so those are the kinds of things politicians are manipulating in order to create their utopian 'world without borders' or even the NWO, which they so deceptively believe that that is really the goal. And government has already proven that mental health needs can be dealt with also, but help was withheld until they got their 'Affordable Health Care' or Obamacare. We were forced to suffer until upper Congress agreed, but all that aid was available all the time but withheld from the average American who were continuously being denied because they weren't in critical health (YET). Look at all the socialist and communist countries. They're either forcing all the high earners to other countries where they aren't taxed 60% and higher, or they are oppressive and systematically and legally violate basic human rights. It all sounds good when it's a country like ours who already have a system admired by immigrants from all over the world. But who wants to deny their US citizenship to become French? Or any other socialist country? Russia? Well if you're Girard Depardu, then you must have enough money to where it's worth living in a horrible place. They're like the 1800's to early 1900's where it's survival of the fittest. Basically, we have it good here and we need to be thankful and not be deceived that we aren't blessed enough.
So please enjoy and download this podcast after I'm finished, and may you be continuously blessed.

The Most High in Defense of The Most Low June 29, 2012

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