Failed Congressional Assassination. What Is The Real American Political Game & Score and Who Wins or Loses? PTS 1&2

What Is The Real American Political Game & Score?
By: Michael D. Tobin
June 14, 2017

AUDIO: Failed Congressional Assassination. What Is The Real American Political Game & Score and Who Wins or Loses? PT 2of2

AUDIO: Pt 1 of 2 Audio News, my commentary and prayers 

(PT 1 blog form follows this) PT 2
I wrote this late last night and into early morning hours before going to bed about 3AM and getting up early about 9 am Pacific time. I checked messages and saw several articles about a Congressional baseball game practice and a shooting in Fredericksburg, VA area. Further down I will share with you the facts as reported by the FBI along with a comedian social media friend who I follow on twitter and facebook, Fred Rubino, who always has some great words to share regarding local and national events.
I was just out of it thinking what the heck is going on?! So I turned the tv on after reading a Reuters article online that was hot off the press. And I'm thinking also, that I have this blog here that I wanted to finish and produce for my podcast and now I need to cover the first news-coverage hours of reaction and developments on my show and somehow continue with this subject of the polar opposites of Russian and U.S. domestic political landscapes of sorts. So here we go. Thank the Lord everyone is going to survive, except the shooter. I have the complete un edited first 3hrs of coverage and my intermediate commentary now, with my prayers at the end, and a 2+ minute audio of a smartphone video of the shooting as it happened, broadcast first on FOX News, along with this blog and podcast links as well. I hope you enjoy my blogs and podcasts as I continue giving you coverage you won't get anywhere else.

Now, WOW. Here's a polar opposite. Putin has the msm over there, but Trump has the internet here. Communism fell in the former USS and it then took hold here. It's all part of the same group of blue-bloods. They do the dirty work while we play the good-guy. Then we switch and we do the dirty work and they play the good-guy. Together we share statistics, cause-and-effect, social and political research, medical research, science, military, law enforcement and national security tactics, social experimentation, commerce and economic research and the list goes on and on.
Here in the U.S., since our last two-term Republican Presidency between Nixon and his successor Gerald Ford, and the following one-term Democrat Presidency with Jimmy Carter, and then a one-term Republican Presidency with George Bush the elder (which kind-of doesn't count beings elder Bush actually had 12 consecutive years in the White House, will we finally see another one-termer with Donald Trump, starting the one-term score occur, just for the record? There's an extremely spectacular political scoreboard that the so-called powers-that-be adhere to, one which we are not supposed to be privy of. But will the two-term Presidency patterns continue? You see, my theory is that the White House has some sort of game-plan between both major parties, and it's all about who wins, at all costs, with yours and my concerns farthest away from the players' concerns. It's ALL ABOUT THEM.
Ever since Nixon it's been Nixon/Ford "bad-guy bad-guy", Carter "good-guy", Reagan bad-guy, Bush the elder bad-guy (bad-guy/bad/guy again), Clinton good-guy, Bush the younger bad-guy, Obama good-guy, and now Trump bad-guy. The funny thing is the "good-guys" thought they finally had a two-time good-guy time with Hillary, and DRATS! They were foiled. Somehow they have to make up for all the bad-guys points. Let's see. Depending on how you look at it, Nixon and Ford were double bad but almost triple bad. Ford lost re-election which would've given him total 6 years at least. But that was still just 8 yrs between Ford and Nixon. Carter only four. Reagan 8, and THEN Bush elder 4. That's a double bad AND 12 years straight for elder Bush because Bush elder was in the White House for 12 yrs straight! So FINALLY Bill Clinton got a double for 8. WOOHOO! But then Bush younger got himself a double 8. But check THIS out! So that gives a bad-guy FAMILY 20 YEARS in the White House within a 28 year time period! So the "good-guys" are FUMING! So hip hip hooray, the good-guys get a double for 8, and now the whole msm, enlightened populace and all of D.C. blue-blood rat-hood are all together, blue bloods of both persuasions of political party are all set for the good-guys to finally get their 3 pointer to almost match the losses of the past 47 years and holy smokes, Batman! Donald Trump won? If you REALLY see how rats see, you have to think like a rat. The Clinton's will have had at least 12 years in the White House, had Hillary won. And don't forget the Bush's really tried for a real doozy in getting Jeb Bush in there. And the Clinton's very well could have secured 16 combined years. It was a battle between the Clinton's and the Bush's. For a minute. And one of the greatest sequence of Presidential historical events in the U.S. could have happened for the Democrats, I mean the "good-guys". They would have had the most spectacular bragging rights in all of our country's Presidential history. The "good-guys" would have had the most time in the White House in the past 31 years up until 2024 had Hillary been a two-term President, winning this past election and the next, along with the first black U.S. President ever, also being a "good-guy." That would have given the "good-guys" 28 yrs since 1976 and the "bad-guys" (Republicans), 28 years since Nixon beginning in 1969. But as it turns out, at the end of Obama's double term, it was finally even at 28 years for the Republicans since 1969, and even at 28 for the Democrats since 1976. FINALLY a tie! Who was going to break the tie? It would seem "fair" for the Democrats wouldn't it? Beings Nixon was such a bad man and things would've been honorable had their candidate been President and Nixon just wasted 8 years of a Presidency? So when you see it in the eyes of the blue-bloods, Trump did a bad thing because he's the first President ever who actually resorted to colluding with the people because the internet was first in full-force in all of it's splendor able to be used in ways global politics have feared since just before Obama's first term in 2008. And he was just a lowly commoner businessman with no political background! Or IS he a commoner? More on that in a little bit. But the GALL! Obama actually WAS helped by internet, but facebook was new and myspace was in turmoil. So those two were barely adequate, but were able to help a little. But back to the blue-blood score board. The BIGGEST kicker to this last election is that however sore Hillary Clinton lost, what hardly anybody seems to realize is that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are blood related. YES you read that right. They are related as far back as the colonial days of the French and the British. The royal families of the kings and queens. You can read it in my blog, "Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Royal Presidential Bloodline Cousins?"
So hopefully, the malice in the palace will subside by the end of Trumps first term, and IF or when Trump wins a second term, hopefully they will just let it ride, and let's all just be a little wiser and not be so controlled and infuriated at every whim of our mainstream media and even independent media sources, because it's not us who loses or wins. It is them! BUT we can actually be the winners no matter who secures the Presidency, as long as we hold them to the task of keeping to what we're told is supposed to be American, the home of the brave and land of the free. So maybe young people really should stay out of politics and focus on their grades like the song mentioned in this article says. All this politically public animosity really began in the 1960's and it's been chaos ever since. And if by some miracle that we are able to know who actual candidates REALLY are, who often times aren't even of any political party who actually DO have our best interests at heart, are, we could be the winners we are SUPPOSED to be in so-called free elections. But the most tragic reason for such idealistic turmoil in our elected positions is that young people barely hatch and they think they're the enlightened galaxy and know who the center of the universe ought to be. Come on youngsters. Have a wonderful time before you get old and cranky. Nothing worse than being cranky from the get-go. You made your parents miserable. DON'T turn and inflict the same garbage on a whole nation, for crying out loud. The best thing in growing up is Folgers in your cup. I mean it's LEARNING that it is our turn to make things better and not worse from the time we leave the nest. Have some fun, but WORK and make your family. Make your network. Make businesses. Plant a harvest. Start from where you're at and spread your circle and make it bigger. Do what makes this country the number one destination for the world's Marco Polo's. But learn more about the system than what you're told in school before you tackle the system. That is all.

Before going into my commentary and coverage of this mornings's sick shooting events which led to his demise, here is my friend Fred Rubino, comedian, entertainer, electrician:

PT1 of 2: Failed Congressional Assassination By Sanders Campaign Volunteer, Gunman Is Dead!

Bernie Sanders campaign volunteer shoots Representative House Majority Whip Scalise and others.
Initially, President Trump disclosed shortly after the shooting which occurred at 7:10 AM Eastern time, during his statement, that the gunman is DEAD. Here's from a Reuters article: "Representative Mo Brooks of Alabama said the shooter said nothing during the rampage. "But for the Capitol police and the heroism they showed, it could very well have been a large-scale massacre. All we would have had would have been baseball bats versus a rifle. Those aren't good odds," Brooks said."
At 1:37 PM Eastern time after all the news breaks following the single mention of who the shooter turned out to be, there was STILL no opening news segment discussing anything about the gunman being a 2016 Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign volunteer. It wasn't until the 2PM segment a few minutes after the top-of-the-hour opening when they finally asked a question on is it possibly more than just a random thing. The MSN keep saying, "The question is..." this and that but nothing about how remarkable it is that the dead shooter was a candidate 2016 Presidential campaign volunteer. It also seems the major speeches and even the House chaplain prayer was pretty well polished. Too polished for the timing, in my humble opinion. Is it just me??? Or is there something else that stinks about this story? IT WAS A FAILED ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION. CALL IT WHAT IT IS.
About the 170 minute mark about 3:12 PM Eastern time, Freshman Michigan Rep Jack Berg again cautions media to use caution on their words while reporting news, so as not to incite violence. 
160 minute mark, which is the 3 o clock eastern time top of hour beginning segment, a onsite video of the shooting lasting over 10 minutes, was aired on FOX Shepherd Smith hour.
Also, on FOX after the 135 minute segment break, screen captions on FOX began listing the dead shooter's social media rants, numbers of letters sent to politicians and his political opinions as well as being an Iowa Sanders 2016 campaign volunteer.
About the 135 minute mark the narrative became clear from politicians and the media. A reference to "political terrorism" from news sources and politicians. There you have it. That is the new narrative being discussed. Are we "political terrorists" if we disagree and express our disagreement with a politician or a policy?
After the 134 minute mark, FOX's news lady referred to the shooter as "the killer". Freudian slip? IDK
About the 133 minute mark FOX's Mike Tobin finally disclosed a political profile on the dead shooter.

FBI Washington
Public Information Office
(202) 278-3519
June 14, 2017
At approximately 7:09 a.m. on June 14, the Alexandria Police Department responded to the scene at 400 East Monroe Avenue in Alexandria, Virginia. They arrived at 7:12 a.m. to shots fired in the vicinity of Eugene Simpson Stadium Park, where members of a congressional baseball team were practicing. Multiple members of Congress were present on scene; therefore, United States Capitol Police officers were also on scene.
The subject was engaged by law enforcement and shot at approximately 7:14 a.m.
Five individuals were transported by Alexandria EMS, Arlington County EMS, and U.S. Park Police helicopter to local hospitals with gunshot wounds. Those transported include a United States Capitol Police officer who is hospitalized and is reported to be in stable condition, a congressman, one congressional staffer, one lobbyist, and the subject.
A second congressman sustained minor injuries and was also transported by a medic unit.
One additional United States Capitol Police officer was transported to the hospital in a police cruiser for minor injuries and has been released.
The shooter has been identified by law enforcement as James Hodgkinson, age 66, from Belleville, Illinois. Hodgkinson was taken to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.
The FBI is actively investigating Hodgkinson, to include his associates, whereabouts, social media impressions, and potential motivations. This is an active investigation that continues to unfold.
The ATF is running a trace on two weapons, to include a rifle and a handgun.
The scene remains an active investigation, where law enforcement, to include the FBI Evidence Response Team, ATF, and Alexandria Police Department, are collecting evidence. In addition, the FBI Springfield and St. Louis Evidence Response Teams are searching the subject’s home in Belleville, Illinois.
Individuals who have information regarding Hodgkinson should call the FBI 24-hour access line at 1-800-CALL-FBI and select option 1.

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