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I'm Back! And So Will JESUS Be, To Keep It REAL

I'm Back! And So Will JESUS Be, To Keep It REAL By: Michael D. Tobin April 11, 2018
Yeah my podcast. NO more Spreaker for me. I just deleted my account. I'm back now, and after I edit some past clips it's going to be fun. Past couple years everything has been a scandal. From PayPal founder siding against North Carolina's leaving bathrooms boy and girl, to Amazon founders hostile remarks of a certain presidential candidate now President. Then all the 1 and 2 Amendment rhetoric from YouTube Facebook Google and Twitter all since last presidential elections. So according to all the private news sources all those companies suck and everyone who uses those companies suck too. Right when I'm praying about all of these free media opportunities all this is happening with mainly these companies? It's not even a surprise either. So after all the consideration there's a need for a phase 2. Coming soon haha.

I desire to respond to disaster sites sharing the love of Jesus …