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2-5-11 update:Terrorism Soon to Flood Israel via Jordan To The East, and Egypt to the West, of Israel. ***ALERT UPDATE: B. Obama Tells Mubarak To "Quit"***

 ****UPDATE**** JUNE 13, 2011

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood delegation in Gaza Amid Israeli Spy Scandal 
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood delegation in Gaza amid Israeli spy scandal
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report June 12, 2011, 11:50 PM (GMT+02:00)

Egypt's intelligence minister Murad Muwafi
For the first time in the history of Cairo's relations with the Gaza Strip, the ruling military junta permitted an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood delegation to visit the Gaza Strip and meet Palestinian Hamas leaders. Coinciding with the delegation's arrival Sunday, June 12, top Egyptian officials unleashed a wave of anti-Israeli venom in Cairo, the worst in recent years.
Without warning, inflammatory stories were released to the media in quick succession: a "Mossad officer" was accused of plotting to sabotage the Egyptian revolution and "inciting sectarian violence." Israel was accused of contaminating farm products for Egyptian consumption and former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon imp.icated in the "corrupt" gas transaction ex-President Hosni Mubarak contracted with Israel.
The prime movers behind this campaign of anti-Israel defamation are named by debkafile's intelligence sources as Gen. Murad Muwafi, Minister of Intelligence, and the Supreme State Security Prosecutor, Hisham Badawi. Putting the charges in the hands of the State Security Prosecutor is tantamount to labeling Israel a danger to Egyptian national security.
The third figure is Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Alarabi. He soon takes office as Secretary General of the Arab League and has made no secret of the radical anti-Israel policies he plans introduce.
Israeli leaders were thunderstruck by these machinations. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and nine members of his government were out of the country. Sunday, they began an exceptionally friendly three-day visit to Italy. A joint session with the Berlusconi government awaits them with other notable events. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman is in Rome with the party, while Defense Minister Ehud Barak has gone to Beijing for another try to bring China aboard the international effort for keeping a nuclear bomb out of Iranian hands.
The Egyptian trio orchestrating the anti-Israel drive apparently used their absence to dump their poison without fear of an official response from Jerusalem.
It was carefully synchronized: The arrival of the Muslim Brotherhood delegation to Gaza, headed by two Shura Council members Saad Hussaini and Mohsein Farouk, coincided with Cairo's arrest of an Israeli "Mossad officer."
The statement by the Supreme State Prosecutor's office alleged that the Israeli spy – who was variously named as Aviran Green, Ilan Green and, later, on an Egyptian website, Ilan Haim Gavriel - entered Egypt after the uprising began on Jan. 25 posing as a foreign correspondent come to cover the anti-regime demonstrations in al-Tahrir Square. His real undercover mission, said the Egyptian statement, was to foment strife between Copts and Muslims and sabotage the revolution.
In today's Cairo, there can be no more heinous allegation than turning the clock back to pre-revolution days by inciting chaos and sectarian strife. It amounts to charging Israel's external security agency with fomenting anti-revolutionary anarchy. Responsibility is also fastened on the Jewish state for the Muslim Brothers' May 9 attack on the Copt community of Cairo and its church and the death of 9 Copts.
Shortly after the "discovery" of an "Israeli spy," Egyptian authorities accused Israel of trying to poison the population by secretly contaminating tomato seeds and plants produced by a Cypriot farm and sold to Egypt.
Finally, the prosecutor declared he had proof that the contract for the supply of Egyptian gas to Israel, now being held up as the quintessence of the Mubarak family's corruption, was put together by the former president and the former prime minister in person when they agreed how to divide their ill-gotten spoils.

According to my news source, an Iranian delegation was planning last June, 2010, on grandstanding a publicity event by standing on a wall between Egyptian and Israeli border, with Egypts permission, to provoke Israel, Saturday June 19th, 2010. This would have been reminescent of the days of Isaiah, the Old Testement prophet scriptures Isaiah 36, when the king of Assyria sent a messenger to cause division in Israel toward submission to the enemys king. It's getting hot over there. Ultimately, the Iranian deligation was refused permission to grandstand and provoke Israel from Egypt. How obsurd are the enemies of Israel. The below Scripture refers to Assyria, (today's Iraq). However, Iran today was Persia yesterday, but the situation is reminescent.

Bible in Basic English Isaiah 36:16
Do not give ear to Hezekiah, for this is what the king of Assyria says, Make peace with me, and come out to me; and everyone will be free to take the fruit of his vine and of his fig-tree, and the water of his spring;

The above is what the Assyrian king said to the Hebrews, trying to convince them to submit to the Assyrian king. In that instance, Israel was victorious and not defeated.

Unless God intervenes, the above title will be true. Yesterdays MSN reported in a widely circulated internet article of the treaty between Egyp and Israel, mentioning Sinei regions where military has taken over security. Upon searching for any mention whatsoever of that , I found the same article with that part wiped out of the article. I found NO mention of the treaty anywhere, except for my long-time Mid-East news source, Debkafile. It is evident with the police and military sympathizing with Egypts citizens desire to topple Egyp President, Hosni Mubarak, that the border of Israel and Egypt, close to Jordan and Soudi Arabia, is at the heart of this matter.
Michael D. Tobin

ALERT***UPDATE*** Feb 5, 2011
Sinai gas pipeline blast. Cairo diverts supplies to Israel, Jordan for domestic use
DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis February 5, 2011, 6:11 PM (GMT+02:00)

Egyptian-Israel gas pipleline sabotaged
Egypt's suspension of gas supplies to Israel after the North Sinai pipeline was blown up Saturday, Feb 5 has suddenly cut Israel off from 25-30 percent of its gas neds and 80 percent of Jordan's. A few hours after the blast, Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmad Shafiq announced the gas supplied to both countries under contract would henceforth be diverted to domestic requirements.
With Egyptian gas cut off for the foreseeable future, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu went into hasty non-stop consultations with ministers and energy military and security officials. Alongside the emergency declared by Israel's electricity corporation, those consultations centered on three additional facets of the crisis: The expanding occupation of North Sinai by Palestinian Hamas extremists from Gaza and anti-Egyptian Bedouin tribesmen, culminating in the gas pipeline explosion; the failure of joint Israeli and Egyptian military efforts to contain it and, thirdly, concerns that Hamas may cross into Israel and sabotage Israeli power stations or fuel reservoirs to bring about the collapse of Israel's electrical power system.
debkafile reported earlier Saturday.
The pipeline supplying Egyptian gas to Israel and Jordan was blown up near the North Sinai town of El Arish early Saturday Feb. 5.  Egyptian state TV reported "terrorists" had carried out the attack which caused a huge explosion and fire. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu conferred urgently with Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau and energy firms over the abrupt cutoff of 25 percent of Israel's gas needs and ordered security beefed up at energy installations.
The Egyptian and Israeli accounts are contradictory.
An Israeli official spokesman said the explosion was nowhere near the Israeli section of the pipeline and closer to the Jordanian branch. The Egyptian spokesman spoke only of supplies to Israel which he said had been suspended as a precaution because there had been several smaller explosions along the pipe.
The Israeli Infrastructure Ministry spokesman reported that Egyptian gas, which covers 25 percent of Israel's needs, had been cut off at 0900 Saturday morning. He did not foresee regular power supplies being disrupted.
debkafile's counter-terror sources report that the attack on the El Arish gas facility was planned on military lines by a special Hamas team which infiltrated Sinai from Gaza last week. It was a major Hamas operation against on Israel (which incidentally supplies most of the Gaza Strip's power), and blatant Palestinian interference in Egypt's domestic unrest. It was also a fiasco for the joint IDF-and Egyptian military effort to police Sinai during the turbulence in Egypt and secure this strategic peninsula against destabilization by terrorists.
Muslim Brotherhood spokesmen in Cairo were quick to attach responsibility for the pipeline attack on disaffected Bedouin – a clumsy attempt, say debkafile's sources, to clear their offshoot, Hamas, of blame for a well-planned act of which they must have had prior knowledge.
Jordan is badly hit by the loss of Egyptian gas which covers 80 percent of its energy consumption. The Hashemite kingdom will have to resort to the far more expensive heavy oil and diesel to keep its power supply running and raise fuel prices after the king yielded to Islamist-back protesters' demands to reduce prices.
The close rapport between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Palestinian and Lebanese terrorist organizations came to light earlier in the Hizballah-led operation to release Lebanese Hizballah, Palestinian Hamas and Egyptian Brotherhood convicts from Wadi Natrun jail north of Cairo Sunday, Jan. 30, first revealed by debkafile.
While the Hamas and Hizballah escapees headed for Sinai and Gaza, the MB activists made straight for the hubs of disturbance in Egypt. (Click here for this story.)
The embattled Mubarak administration in Cairo may well find it politic to indefinitely put off repairing the pipe and restoring supplies to Israel for two reasons:
1. The incident will support Mubarak's argument that his immediate departure as demanded by Obama would throw Egypt into chaos – and not only Egypt, but resonate devastatingly across the entire region. Not just Israel, but its second peace partner, Jordan, is badly hit too by the loss of Egyptian gas which covers 80 percent of its energy consumption. Amman will have to convert to the far more expensive heavy oil and diesel to keep its power supply running. Fuel prices will have to be raised shortly after the king dropped them to quell the Islamist-back protests shaking the kingdom.
2. Some of the opposition factions backed by the US for a role in future government, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, are fiercely opposed to Egypt's peace relations with Israel which he has promoted for 32 years. The sale of Egyptian gas to Israel has come under constant attack in the street, which has accused the government of undercutting world prices and defrauding the Egyptian treasury.
The Mubarak regime and Egyptian army may want to show they respect popular opinion and are not American or Israeli pawns by not repairing the pipeline and keeping the gas supply to Israel cut off.
debkafile reports that the Israeli Infrastructure Ministry's assurance that no power disruptions were foreseen glosses over the serious repercussions of the loss overnight of a quarter of Israel's gas consumption for manufacturing electricity and its lack of gas reserves.
Israel's power stations will have to switch immediately from gas to heavy oil or coal, a complicated technical process that will have a bad effect on the environment. Energy officials told debkafile Saturday that the power stations affected are Hadera, Haifa (which is partly gas-fueled) and the Tel Aviv Reading facility which was only recently converted to gas. All Israel's emergency electricity stations are also powered by gas.
Therefore, the Infrastructure Ministry's assurance may have been premature.

January 31, 2011 UPDATE
Egyptian troops hunt Hamas gunmen fighting to control N. Sinai. Two captured
DEBKAfile Exclusive Report January 31, 2011, 1:24 PM (GMT+02:00)
Egyptian reinforcements reached northern Sinai Monday, Jan. 31 to hunt down Hamas gunmen from the Gaza Strip battling Egyptian forces for control of the territory. Two were captured. debkafile's military sources report that the gunmen of Hamas's armed wing, Ezz e-Din al Qassam opened a second, Palestinian, front against the Mubarak regime on orders from Hamas' parent organization, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, confirmed by its bosses in Damascus. The Muslim Brotherhood is therefore more aggressively involved in the uprising than it would seem.
debkafile's military sources report that Sunday, Hamas gunmen attacked Egyptian Interior Ministry Special Forces (CFF) stationed in the southern Egyptian-controlled section of the border town of Rafah and the Sinai port of El Arish. Saturday, Bedouin tribesmen and local Palestinians exploited the mayhem in Cairo to clash with Egyptian forces at both northern Sinai key points, ransack their gun stores and free prisoners from the local jail. Officials in Gaza City confirmed Sunday, that Hamas's most notorious smuggling experts, including Muhammad Shaar, had broken out of the El Arish jail and reached Gaza City.
Sunday, Hamas terrorists aimed to start pushing Egyptian forces out of the northern and central regions of the peninsula and so bring Egypt's border with the Gaza Strip under Palestinian control. Hamas would then be able to break out of the Egyptian blockade of the enclave and restore its smuggling routes in full. The reinforcements from Cairo Monday were instructed to drive them back into the Gaza Strip. Early Sunday, they began moving east through the tunnels under the Suez.
Our military sources further report that the Multinational Force & Observers (MFO), most of whose members are Americans and Canadians, are on maximum alert at their northern Sinai base, while they wait for US military transports to evacuate them to US bases in Europe.
This force was deployed in Sinai in 1981 for peacekeeping responsibilities and the supervision of the security provisions of the 1979 Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel under which the peninsula was demilitarized except for Egyptian police. Ending the MFO's mission in Sinai after thirty years knocks down a key pillar propping up the relations of peace between Egypt and Israel.
The Egyptian troop presence in Sinai, which violates the terms of the peace treaty, has not been mentioned by either of the peace partners. Our Jerusalem sources report the Netanyahu government may have tacitly approved it.
Hamas' Gaza leaders do not seem to fear Israeli military action – or even an air attack - to interfere with their incursion of Sinai and attempts to control the long Egyptian-Israeli border snaking south of the Gaza Strip along the Negev up to the Red Sea port of Eilat.

Israeli War Planes (source of above article).

ALERT***UPDATE*** FEB 1, 2011

Obama, army chiefs tell Mubarak to go now and leave Egypt
DEBKAfile Special Report February 1, 2011, 9:49 PM (GMT+02:00)
In a final ultimatum, Washington Tuesday, Feb. 1, told Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak bluntly that his time was up. He must quit now and leave Egypt without further delay. As four million protesters marched across Egypt in a relentless drive to be rid of him, Mubarak got the same message from the heads of the Egyptian army, who may or not have been acting in tune with Washington.
Barack Obama's message reached Mubarak's desk by a special messenger, Ambassador Frank Wisner.
He is expected to announce in a speech to the nation Tuesday night that he will not run for a fifth term as president but serve full term. This will be seen as more foot-dragging and further infuriate the people.
Our Cairo sources report that the army chiefs were horrified to see hundreds of Cairo protesters taking part in the March of Millions Tuesday hoisting Mubarak effigies on a cardboard gallows or paraded in coffins over Tahrir Square - an unprecedentedly brutal expression of rage and hate. Army leaders have begun to fear that the protesters' next step may be to haul him out of Abdeen Palace and lynch him if he stands by his refusal to step down.
The Egyptian army chiefs have made plans to fill Mubarak's shoes and rule the country of 85 million as soon as he is gone. Before them are three optional procedures for bridging the transitional period up until general and presidential elections.
1.  A council of officers consisting of 3-5 generals will assume presidential powers and govern the country for the interim, or;
2.  The new Vice President, the former Intelligence Minister Gen. Omar Suleiman, will be appointed president; or;
3.  Chief of Staff Gen. Sami Enan will take his place in the presidential office.
It is not known if the generals have put their plan before the president or that he learned about from officers loyal to him.
In parallel consultations at the US embassy in Cairo, the three options were put before Ambassador Margaret Scobey by Mohammed ElBaradei, the former International Atomic Energy Director who was chosen by opposition organizations for liaison missions. He was also in touch with the British ambassador in Cairo during the day.  By undertaking these tasks, ElBaradei, who was hardly known in Egypt, has advanced his chances of a prominent role in the post-Mubarak government.
debkafile's Washington sources report that the Obama administration has in fact put a gun on Mubarak's desk and are willing to discuss nothing more than the conditions of his departure in the next couple of days. So far, the Egyptian president has not informed the Americans or the army what is plans are and no one can tell what turn the crisis will take next.


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