A Lie-Detector Of Sorts By: Michael D. Tobin

A Lie-Detector Of Sorts
By: Michael D. Tobin

In 3 minutes and :30seconds into the video which  I just reasearched and located, because I refuse to forget politicians snowjobs while speaking to us, I uncovered a BOLD FACED (look at his face), LIE, from Dean Ken Starr, Dean of a LAW SCHOOL. Listen to it, and I challenge anyone to locate anyone who noticed, that the John Adams he used as his scholarly argument, actually fefended a British terrorist in 1770, years before our Declaration of Independence was even declared. But to compound on Ken Stars snowjob in the media, he refers to John Adams as, "...he knew that that was a duty of  OUR SYSTEM OF LAW..." Excuse me, but were we AMERICANS yet? I don't think so. I can go on Jay Lenos Street Walking segment and confidently say that we were not Americans in 1770. My point number 1 of 2 is that even though this man was a Republican apointed man to previously investigate Former President Bill Clinton, that does not give him the right to switch gears and justify American lawyers in our PRESENT SYSTEM of law, who defend foreign terrorists, by lying and saying one of our founding fathers legally representing a British accused man as an AMERICAN, when in fact he was BRITISH at the time. I noticed his lie, and if not anybody else, isn't it important that God noticed too? Shame on him. As a subject of the British government, John Adams was required to defend the injustices of the British, whether the accused was innocent or guilty, whereas COLONISTS would have never received such quality representation, hence, our need for INDEPENDENCE, in which our Declaration was not even read publicly until July 8, 1776, and July 1-4 it was debated, adopted and sent to the printer. (Hmmm... I wonder who the printer was?) So now, again, we need  INDEPENDENCE from our current un-Constitutional LIARS who are operating our government shamefully, and yes, who WILL be voted OUT once more this come 2012. Point no. 2 is that we need to check every statement we hear coming from those who continuously tread on our rights as AMERICAN citizens. We may only have one more chance to get things right in our elections come 2012 and lets wake up and vote right and vote OUT the wrong people. Let's keep SENDING the right people. I, for one, am tired of being driven and duped by our media and politicians. Let's get some people who actually respect our Constitution, Ammendments and Bill of Rights, and who actually have LEARNED and RESPECT our Founding Mothers and Fathers bravery in establishing the Republic for which we stand. Following is a comment I emailed to NBC March 10, 2010, nearly one year ago, when I first heard this lie much to my astonishment.  I do my duty. Do you?
 "Ken Starr defending shameless attorneys representing terrorists by stateing that John Adams as an AMERICAN Attorney, defended British after the Boston Massacre? NBC Nightly News are just as shameless as Ken Stars misrepresentation of truth, for lack of an honest response, for not even mentioning that the Boston Massacre was in 1770! Of course there had to be an attorney. It wasn't wartime. But this is what I expect from mainstream media people anyway, but at least you (NBC Nightly News) are being called on it."
I received NO reply back from NBC.

Michael D. Tobin

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