My Dream From 10 29 11 U.S. Coast Smoke, Nuclear Explosion, Polar Bears

Posted: 04/16/2013
Last Updated: 3 hours ago
SAN DIEGO - Plans were under way Tuesday to beef up security at San Diego's famed Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon and Marathon in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon explosions that killed at least three people and injured more than 140.
The Competitor Group puts on San Diego's annual Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon and Marathon, which this year is scheduled to take place on June 2.
Last year's half marathon was the sixth largest in the United States, with 17,604 finishers, and the marathon was the 10 largest in the country, with 7,106 finishers, according to U-T San Diego.
Competitor Group CEO Scott Dickey said it was too early to say just what sort of precautions will be taken this year.
On Monday, two fiery blasts went off within seconds of each other near the finish line of this year's Boston Marathon, knocking runners and spectators off their feet. More than 120 San Diegans were among the 23,000 runners who took part in the marathon.
Because of the blasts, law enforcement officials in the San Diego area went on heightened alert, though there were no known specific threats to the region.
"We're working very closely with our local and federal law enforcement counterparts," said Jan Caldwell, a spokeswoman for the San Diego County Sheriff's Department. "These appear to be tragic, isolated events in Boston. We have no indication there is any (local) threat ... . If that changes, we will immediately let the community know."
Likewise, the San Diego Police Department's personnel were being extra vigilant due to the bombings, SDPD public information officer Gary Hassen said.
He declined to disclose whether the department had increased or shifted patrols, or instituted any other out-of-the-ordinary measures.
"We do not discuss security (publicly)," he said.
Unlike at airports in Los Angeles and Orange counties, administrators at Lindbergh Field made no immediate changes since the Transportation Security Administration had not directed them to do so, according to airport spokeswoman Rebecca Bloomfield.
Calif. using emergency system to assess threats
California officials from San Diego to the San Francisco Bay Area are calling for increased vigilance at major sporting events and other gathering places in response to deadly explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.
Acting Gov. Gavin Newsom says there's no indication of any threats to California. But he says the events are a reminder to remain vigilant and report anything unusual to law enforcement agencies.
The California Emergency Management System's assistant secretary says there's no known California connection to the explosions in Boston.
The San Francisco Police Department is on heightened alert and will be rethinking security logistics for the upcoming San Francisco Marathon and Bay to Breakers foot races.
Airports in Los Angeles, Van Nuys and Ontario are in a heightened state of vigilance with increased patrols.
In San Diego, 10News learned that all law enforcement agencies are remaining vigilant.
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Will the attack in Boston affect your decision to participate in marathon events in the near future?

Just for the record, the night of Oct. 29, 2011, I dreamed what appeared to be a nuclear explosion hit a coastal city, and from far off, myself and others saw smoke rising first, then an explosion with mushroom cloud, then we saw polar bears running frantically in the water on the shore toward us, and we barely had time to dive into the ground behind walls of stone, to hide from the blast as it grew bigger.

I live about 30 miles north of San Diego Harbor, in Carlsbad.  When I, and the people with me in the dream looked up, it seemed the smoke must have been going on for quite a while but we just didn't notice until we looked up. Then just after the explosion and mushroom cloud, that appeared just like a nuclear explosion, which I didn't hear it, possibly because of distance or maybe background sound of the ocean, we saw two Polar Bears swimming in the water and at first I thought they were dolphins because they were going under and over the water. But then when they got closer it was clear they were Polar bears swimming under then over and running as if they were terrified. The San Diego Zoo has polar bear, as well as Sea World, and the zoo and Sea World is not far at all from the Harbor, so that would be the only possibility for San Diego having Polar Bears around, as the zoo and or Seaworld was damaged, with animals being released.
This is really all I can say, without adding anything else.
 I'm also only sharing this because there are several other dreams that I never shared with anyone and came to pass, some of which were, the USS Cole, another was a parade in the former USSR, and another was Saudi Arabia 4 days before Sep 11, 2001 attacks. Focus Scriptures: Psalm 146:5 Amos 5:18,19 (and whole chapter fro homework) Matthew 11:29 .

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