1.7 Mag Carlsbad, CA May 16, 2012 Earthquake Info Wiped off of The Web

1.7 Mag Carlsbad, CA May 16, 2012 Earthquake Info Wiped off of The Web

 Following this update, go to the bottom link, where I have more detail from my blog I wrote August, 2011. 

 I can't figure why this link no longer goes to the site. It wasn't wiped out good enough because the link is still there. And I provided the info that's stil available before it's no longer available. If you go to the usgs website and site-search for "Carlsbad, California", the link will appear. But the link won't direct you to the info page. There's a dormant volcano in Carlsbad, too. I wonder if property value and earthquake insurance is based on publically available seismic data? Here is what appears after the site-search from http://earthquake.usgs.gov/search/?q=carlsbad%2C+California&cx=012856435542074762574%3A49ga9ubtojk&cof=FORID%3A11&sa=Search&x=23&y=7

May 16, 2012 ... Location and Magnitude contributed by: California Integrated Seismic Network. Summary. Preferred Location Parameters. Parameter, Value ...
Now, here is some updated info on the "volcanic plug", Mt Calvera, from http://www.preservecalavera.org/calavera.html
The word calavera means skull, which probably comes from the unusual shape of the area's centerpiece, Mount Calavera. The 513-ft. Mount Calavera is not really a mountain at all but rather a 22 million-year-old volcanic plug. A volcanic plug is a mass of volcanic rock that solidified in it's vent and feeding system millions of years ago. When the volcano becomes extinct and starts to erode away, the "plug" is all that is left behind. Mount
Calavera is one of only three volcanic plugs in Southern California. In the early 1900's, the ancient plug was mined for gravel. The mining was accomplished by stripping away it's west face and continued into the 1930's. What is left is a rather remarkable blemish on the side of the mountain that somewhat resembles the Grand
Canyon. You can easily spot Mount Calavera from either northbound Interstate 5 at Cannon Rd., or westbound on Lake Blvd., just past Oak Riparian Park.
Now, here is my blog from August, 2011, with more detailed information on California's volcanic and
earthquake possibilities as well as some awesome photos and maps with credits and source links of detailed

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