Sage Stallone News, Parents Outliving Children, & Public Knowledge of Celebs Family matters

  I've read so many interesting, comforting, insightful, and even horrible comments by people who comment below internet news articles, following the passing of Sage Stallone, 36 yrs old.  My prayers go out to the Stallone family and friends. But I will focus on two thoughts that were brought up. (Yes, believe it or not, journalist or so-called journalists, get many of their ideas, now, from OUR comments. So be careful what you put out there. You're giving away your thoughts. Make whatever you write useful instead of foolishness). So, the following are my take on these thoughts that I'll call, "common thought".
  1.  It's selfish to believe "parents should never outlive their children". Too many people subscribe to false thinking in common cliches and catch-phrases. I have three children, in their mid and late 20's now. My oldest is a girl, and the two younger are boys, and I love them dearly. Today is my youngest's birthday. My middle child's birthday was 3 days ago, and my oldest's is in 6 days, all in July. That's a whole story right there. Nobody wants their children to die, but children don't want their parents to die either. It's not a crap-shoot. It's just the way it is.
 About suggesting celebs family deaths be private. I wonder if it's part of what they (and even politicians), signed up for. Their whole livelihood is generated from pretend, and acting, but what's real should be shared. There's actually a good positive way to see that. Because if reality wasn't part of an actors personal life, then their whole life would be based on pretend, deception and fantacy, in which acting is comprised of all that and much more. What a great opportunity to connect with fans and society in a real manner, with things we all can actually learn by, instead of be entertained by. Never mind the poperatzi and media. At least they are there to record for the rest of us to observe. We aren't people who look at them as animals in a zoo. There's too many twisted analogies people come up with to satisfy their own negative personality issues. Everything that ever happens is history, and if we don't learn from it, we are doomed to repeat it.

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