England's Majority Defending THE Faith?

  Without sounding naive, or unaware of the U.K.'s inner conflicts and politics, and our American founding and separation from England, concerning the subject at hand I am writing about, I'd like to say, Three cheers for England! Recent articles are covering Tony Blair's return from approx 5 years of being away from full-time publicity, with some of Mr. Blairs thoughts, lessons, and views on God, faith and religion, in a local, political and world-view. Sure, he is on record for saying God instructed him to not "do God", something that sounds good in todays' vernacular; it's trendy to begin a discriptive verb with 'do', for some reason, doubtless with Hollywood beginnings, as is so much of our dumbed-down vocabulary and comprehension as well as attention spans.
  But I digress. It seems Mr. Blair has formulated some new thought, and what is concerning to me, is, that these types of formulations being put forward are often indicative of someone's plan to get back in the "swing of things."
  Read this 23 July, 2012 precursor-to-the Olympics daily telegraph article titled, "Tony Blair: 'The West is asleep on the issue of Islamist extremism" http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/tony-blair/9420909/Tony-Blair-The-West-is-asleep-on-the-issue-of-Islamist-extremism.html .
 Then read this BBC May 14, 2012 article titled, "Queen 'should remain Defender of the Faith' - BBC poll", http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-18056322 , which lists current polls, quotes and certain peoples' mis-representations of the truth, as well as Prince Charles' assertions that upon his receiving the British throne, he wants the Knighthood's motto and mission changed from, "Defenders of The Faith", to, "Defenders of Faith".
 But one of these mis-representations I mentioned above, are of those similar to what is happening here in the U.S., which is at the top of the most common devisive techniques advocates of any side, use in their persuasive arguments. Specifically, from the latter article link listed, I quote,
  But Graham Smith, from the campaign group Republic, which wants to get rid of the Monarchy, said it was discriminating against other religions. "I don't think that in a multicultural society we should be telling people that actually you are excluded from this," he said.
  Smith was referring to the continuation of Englands centuries old foundation and roots of the Church of England, is discriminatory. Sound familiar? But in fact, in England, as is here in the U.S., everything in proof and fact has been said in every way humanly and Biblically Scripturally possible, to prove otherwise, that Christianity as a faith, does not discriminate in our politics against anyone in the citizenry. We are a nation of laws, and so is England. No courtroom or law enforcement agency ever pronounces death to the "infedel". (Sound familiar?)
  NO. Our issues are the gradual juvenile and childish ways of the anti-Democratic/Republic/Capitalism, who love to inflict on the un-aware, un-educated, and often with testosterone overload, who are thrilled at carrying torches and pitchforks wherever they go.
  What's lacking in our Western society, is tolerance and respect for what actually works. It works so well, that typical in all of  our companies who hire us, there's always those who say the owner is stupid, and things should change.
  With what little I have said, I will let you, the reader, fill in the blanks with the things that this worthless blog has stirred up in your minds, to further solidify and validate what I am saying; Three Cheers for England. Keep your roots, and don't allow the detractors from spoiling your vines. God bless the U.S.A., and God bless England and the Queen.

Philippians 1:6 (KJV) Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:

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