My Manhood Before And After Jesus

I was just thinking yesterday about how my manhood has changed from the way I was before I came to Jesus in 1989. My conclusion was that I know of few men who would willingly admit he used to be a sorry excuse for a human being before he came to Jesus. We all want to glorify our past in many ways. I had my heroes growing up as well that I had to re-think of why did I admire them so much. If I was half the man before that I am now, I would still be married and my children would be much better off. That's just the way it is. And there would be less pieces for God to pick up and put back together. There's no reason for us to continue making a mess for God. It's madness and insanity. A good first step for men who are Christians is to admit that he used to be a dirt bag and share that with younger Christians to save them much trouble ahead of time. Joyce Meyer said, "There's no sense in becoming a sneaky Christian from the beginning", before praying for hundreds who came forward for salvation.

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