Jerry Lewis Fired By MDA Corporate Following Presentation Of A New Cure?

(UPDATE SEP 5, 2016 

September 5, 2016

Select this title for my updated blog on the new Max Rose movie starring jerry lewis:  Review: ‘Max Rose’ Has Jerry Lewis Tearful Over a Hint of Infidelity )

UPDATE Jan 28, 2016) It just ain't stopping. Jerry is back with the MDA! Before reading the article update, here's what I just found a few days ago. What a find! And THREE days before the news broke on Jerry Lewis' return to the MDA! Wow! Really feels I am on the right track! Enjoy

I found it! Oct 26, 1996 ticket stub, newspaper clip, ball card and me standing in front of the Pantages! And that little blue stub is actually my stub from the World Trade buildings to the top view about 1993 shortly after the first explosions.

Jerry Lewis returns — briefly — as MDA spokesman


Frank Sinatra’s surprise introduction of Dean Martin at the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon at the Sahara in September 1976.

video Published on Jan 29, 2016

Call it an encore performance for a show that lasted 61 years.
Jerry Lewis is back as a spokesman on behalf of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, having recorded a video in support of the MDA’s new logo and tagline. The clip is to be used in a formal unveiling of the MDA logo and its new motto, “For Strength, Independence & Life,” during an event Friday at Carnegie Hall in New York.
Lewis is not attending the party, which will be webcast on the MDA website ( at 9:30 a.m. Friday. Those scheduled to appear are “Today” host Natalie Morales, TNT sportscaster Ernie Johnson, “Small Town Big Deal” host Jann Carl and Jordan Smith, Season 9 winner of “The Voice.”
The video statement marks the first appearance by Lewis in support of the MDA since September 2010, when he closed the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon with a wrenching rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”
The following May, the MDA announced that the show would be shortened to a six-hour production, from 21 1/2 hours. In August 2011, the MDA made another formal declaration — that Lewis was no longer going to host the telecast nor serve in any capacity for the organization.
Lewis had famously feuded with Gerald C. Weinberg, the longtime MDA president and CEO, who stepped down in December 2011. Though the organization said Lewis “resigned” his post, it was evident that he was forced out, and he has gone on to raise money and awareness for the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation in Australia, a group unrelated to the MDA.
In August 2014, in a ceremony at the Smith Center for the Performing Arts, Australian officials presented Lewis with its Member of the Order of Australia, the highest award bestowed on a civilian by that country.
Back in the States, a new regime has allowed Lewis to reconsider his formal support of the MDA. He spent 61 years with the organization and helped raise more than $2 billion in his groundbreaking run as host of the event, which was televised nationally beginning in 1966.
In that time, the telethon became an annual TV tradition with an array of celebrities contributing their time and talent. The 1976 telethon at the Sahara marked the moment when Lewis was reunited with his legendary performing partner Dean Martin, an event orchestrated by Martin.
More recently, the telethon was cut to six hours for the 2011 telecast (retitled “Show of Strength”), then reduced to three hours from 2012-2014. MDA announced last year that it would discontinue the broadcast to investigate more contemporary means of fundraising (especially by using online and social media platforms), and Lewis never did appear once last time to say goodbye.
But a change in regime led to a change in Lewis’ recent relationship with the MDA.
“They had reached me a couple of times about this, and we recorded it about two months ago, I think it was,” Lewis said today during a phone chat. “I did it because the new head man (MDA President Steven M. Derks) is a very nice guy.”
In the video, Lewis looks into the camera and says, “I think it’s great that the MDA has a new look and tagline. We’ve got to keep giving strength, independence and life to all the kids and adults who are fighting muscular dystrophy and related life-threatening diseases.”
It’s a message he delivered, impassionedly, throughout his history with the MDA. Asked if this collaboration would lead to any future, formal endorsements of the MDA, Lewis chuckled and said, “No, I gave it 61 years. … But I am happy to have done this.”
Lewis is approaching his 90th birthday, which is March 16. He continues to perform one-off shows across the country, retelling his story with a boost from film and TV clips and home movies from his personal collection. Last Friday, he was at Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center at the Villages in Orlando, Fla.
How was it?
“It was great — 2,700 screaming people,” Lewis said. “I was supposed to do an hour and 20 minutes, and I wound up staying for two hours and 30 minutes. I couldn’t get enough of it.”
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(UPDATE Jan 10, 2016) 

I'm sure it's a very brilliant film and it's so sad and extremely profound that he can't even watch it and feels the world can not handle how rivetting it is. Any speculation that it was bad twisted humor is rediculous. There has never been another Johnathan Swift and never will be. And Jerry Lewis will have the same effect but on a modern level. Critics just don't get it. Good article too. I wrote a blog about JL a few years ago and it was short also. There's so much about him but impossible to write an interesting lengthy ariticle at one time, because it's just impossible, unless one wants to research everything else that's already been written about him. So good job for Sara Ivry, who wrote the below article from her website, "Tablet The Scroll" on keeping it brief. Long articles are usually just a bunch of flattery and too many words anyway. That's my 2 cents. So enjoy the latest.


The Scroll

Details Emerge About Jerry Lewis' Unreleased Holocaust Film 

The BBC released a short documentary about, 'The Day The Clown Cried,' a film the legendary comedian has called 'embarrassing'. 
By: Sara Ivry

There’s a sort of louche, menacing quality about Jerry Lewis—I’ve always thought so, anyway. Maybe it’s the tan or the bada-bing pinkie ring, or the warmth he seemed unwilling to summon even while hosting a telethon for muscular dystrophy. I found Lewis’ nasal parodic voice irksome and repellent. And his appeal—here in the U.S., or in France—has always perplexed me. I could never stand The Nutty Professor; the only film of his I’ve ever enjoyed is The King of Comedy and that’s partly because he plays a balls-out asshole, or perhaps he’s not “playing at all,” which is part of what makes that film so riveting.
Why speak of Jerry Lewis now, you ask? Because the BBC has just released a short documentary about Lewis’ never-seen 1970 Holocaust film The Day the Clown Cried. Lewis flew to Sweden to shoot the feature, and when he was finished he took the reels with him back to the United States but never released the film. When asked about it, Lewis has asserted he would never screen it because it’s “bad, bad, bad.”
The BBC mini-documentary, The Story of the Day the Clown Cried, features stills from the film and show Lewis with a red nose and painted clown make-up in front of would-be barracks where he is directing would-be Nazis played by Swedish actors. Various Swedes are interviewed about the shoot and production. We learn that Lewis worked on this project for a decade before filming commenced. We find out that some actors never got paid. We’re told that Lewis gave reels of all his films, includingThe Day the Clown Died, to the Library of Congress with the caveat the institution is forbidden to screen the film until 2025 at the earliest.
And we’re treated to a single tidbit of fascinating trivia: While in Sweden, Lewis never laundered his drawers or socks—he simply threw them away after a single wear. One—by which I mean, me—wonders if that is a lifelong habit and where that kind of behavior came from.
Against the improbable background music of Massive Attack, the documentary’s host, British comedian David Schneider (himself the son of a Holocaust survivor) ruminates on the question of whether one can make comedy out of such tragedy, and if that’s what Lewis was trying to do. There’s no way to know, really, if the film was supposed to be comedy, or have comedic elements, so it’s a bit of goose-chase speculation.
Nevertheless, the query reminded me of a gutting joke the British writer Howard Jacobson included in his fantastic novel Kalooki Nights, which I read years ago: What’s the difference between a Jew and a pizza? A pizza doesn’t scream when you stick it in the oven. That’s the kind of joke (you) never forget. Which begs Schneider’s question: Is it appropriate to make entertainment out of this genocide? Beyond appropriate, is it possible? Fans of The Producers might say yes. That Lewis has refused to make the film public suggests a different answer.

Jerry Lewis Fired By MDA Corporate Following Presentation Of A New Cure? By: Michael D. Tobin

I believe in giving credit where credit is due. This is a subject very close to my heart, because at 48 yrs old, I remember as far as I can remember, watching as many hours of each telethon as I possibly can. Finally, in 1997, I had the good fortune to attend Jerry Lewis' first Broadway show at the Pantagus Theater in Los Angeles, he has ever done; a re-make of "Damned Yankees", which Mr. Lewis was extremely proud of, because in his heart, Broadway was the top of the mountain, when it comes to acting, and he had finally done it. He was only 72 years old at the time. I had the opportunity for a meet and greet after the show. So instead of asking for a photo-op, I just wanted to shake his hand, which he qraciously allowed, and I also gave him a compliment, rather than a question. But to my amazement, during the intermission, and after the show, Jerry Lewis had his actors stand at the doorways to the lobby, holding KFC style buckets for donations to MDA. It was then that I was faced with a realization that this man who I admired all my life, is more serious about what he does than most anybody I ever knew, know, or will know, about what they do. So with that, let's move forward.

 With the myriad of articles and readers comments overwhelmingly in support of Jerry Lewis, who have perfect knowledge, when they actually use their ability to research, of an opposition who demands tolerance and forgiveness, yet in reality, spews out more hatred than in all the earths years of existence, one would be amazed that it took a year from Jerry Lewis' first year in 59 years last year, 2011, to have actually smelled the coffee. (Sorry. that was a difficult sentence to structure).

Following is info I had gleaned off the web, and compiled it just for you, the reader. I first saught to create an article of my own research, but to my surprise, what was available was adequate and plenteous. But my hope is that you ran into this first, and then you can search some more if you don't feel sattisfied yet. And at the bottom, is a video I hope will remain on youtube forever, of Mr. Lewis' last MDA appearance. Mr. Lewis, if you are reading this, I hope somehow you may return, and for some miracle, the rest of your time with us can be as happy as all you have done in your theater, television, big screen and live performances through the decades. Exclusive: Without Jerry Lewis, MDA Couldn’t Collect 50% of Last Year’s Pledges by: 09/01/12 5:05pm

A readers comment from Roger Friedman's article:  

Lots of people know what really happened. Jerry Lewis was presented with evidence that MDA “research” is a fraud, there is no cure except for the one Dr Joel Wallach found, through diet. I think he even won a medical award for it. He sent the test results to Jerry Lewis. Jerry, being a sincere human being, genuinely interested in MDA victims, presented it to his charity. I think it was obvious, by their reaction, to everyone, that they were not interested in any real cure. Most of these large charities, Koman included, are giant frauds with people feeding off the sickness of others. Demented megabucks." - tropicgirl

Isn't that an interesting readers comment from the article I attached the url address too? Now, here is some back-up material to the readers claim, that I found by websearching Dr. Wallachs name connected to MD cure Jerry Lewis. And not surprising, is that among many other subjects, as some of you may be aware of, all mainstream media outlets literally refuse certain topics, yet exploit quite a few others, and for very obvious reasons. So this is the only major independent newswire I found an article containing this subject, and the rest is part of various message boards. Here is the article:
Is the Muscular Dystrophy Association Hiding a Possible Cure?
August 18, 2012 in Health
  A time-honored tradition, every labor day (for 45 years of my life), people from all over the world would watch the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon. The guest line up were always filled with great television and movie stars, singers and comics. Before we had 24 hour television, it was also the only station airing for 24 hours. So it was a treat for a night owl, like myself, to be able to watch all the talented acts throughout the night. I even called in a few times and donated.
In the 59 years Jerry Lewis was the MDA chairman, he grossed $2.5 billion dollars for them–yes, that is BILLION with a B. I often wondered, in all those years why I really never heard about any cures for these poor children. Surely all the billions poured into the non-profit organization and the science and technology behind it, in 60 years, you would think that Muscular Dystrophy would have some cures?
Upon listening to a pod cast of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, I heard Dr. Joel Wallach mention that he gave data to Mr. Lewis with regards to eliminating Muscular Dystrophy–Listen to the pod cast
It appears that Mr. Lewis gave this data to the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), and directly after giving this data, Mr. Lewis was fired as the National Chairman. If there is a cure, as Dr. Wallach has suggested, it would appear that the MDA would have a lot to lose if Mr. Lewis went on air and happened to say something about Dr. Wallach’s findings. Dr. Wallach has been treating children with Cystic Fibrosis and Muscular Dystrophy for 60 years with vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids and having great results. Can it really be that simple, as nutritional deficiencies?
E-online tried to immediate put a spin on this firing, inferring that the MDA’s decision to release Mr. Lewis as National Chairman was because of his disparaging comments he made about American Idol.
On July 29, 2011, Jerry Lewis held a press conference and went on a tangent about Hollywood. Mr. Lewis was asked by a reporter, if he had fulfilled his destiny, he replied, “I am coming close.” The reporter then went on to ask what he would need to happen to be satisfied? “Get a cure for muscular dystrophy.”
“Paging Dr. Wallach”
An emotional Jerry Lewis at the closing of his last telethon 2010:

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