Voting Your Conscience Does Not Spoil Presidential Elections

 ***UPDATE*** Sep. 20, 2012 A well-known American Pastor is requesting 40 days of prayer for us to have a different President than our current one. I am joining the prayer, and hope my readers will do so as well. And I am adding that specifically, we must pray for those 538 member of the Electoral College, who actually decide who the next President will be. Election day is Monday, Nov 12, 2012 and currently about 54 days until elections. So please keep your thoughts on God and prayers toward a return to our U.S. Constitution and a vibrant, healthy and prosperous nation, and more Godly than ever before. And if you dodn't get this update during the time the parayer call started, it doesn't matter. Just begin on your own time. Thank you. Hebrews 3:1 Therefore, holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the Apostle and High Priest of our profession, Christ Jesus;

 Each Presidential election brings the same alarm and dismay, when it comes to our votes. Take this section of a wikipedia explanation of the Electoral College:   The merits of the Electoral College are controversial. A 2001 Gallup article noted that "a majority of Americans have continually expressed support for the notion of an official amendment of the U.S. Constitution that would allow for direct election of the president" since one of the first-ever public polls on the matter in 1944, and Gallup found no significant change in 2004.[4][5] Critics argue that the Electoral College is archaic, inherently undemocratic and gives certain swing states disproportionate influence in selecting the President and Vice President. Proponents argue that the Electoral College is an important, distinguishing feature of federalism in the United States and that it protects the rights of smaller states. Numerous constitutional amendments have been introduced in the Congress seeking to alter the Electoral College or replace it with a direct popular vote; however, no proposal has ever passed the Congress.
Map Electoral College2012 2016 and 2020 Since 1964, there have been 538 electors in each Presidential election. How many people are casting the Presidential vote for you, in YOUR state?

  Remember the last elections where the popular vote did not decide the next President? It was between Al Gore and George W. Bush the younger, before his first term. But make no mistake; Al Gore would not have been there had our nation had an ammendment that alows for a direct popular vote, as it is with all other elections, including the Senate.
  Here's another section of a recent article: At least three Republican Electoral College members say they might not vote for Romney should he carry that state in November. Ken Eastman told The Associated Press this week that he is exploring his options because he is “pretty disgusted” with the Republican Party and the way it worked to “suppress Paul’s grassroots movement.” ( Sep 13, 2012 .) And for a listing to the current Presidential candidates, here is a link: .
  So when it comes to the popular Presidential votes in America, how have we fared in prior election? Take this passage from yet another wikipedia article:The United States presidential election of 1876 was one of the most disputed and controversial presidential elections in American history. Samuel J. Tilden of New York outpolled Ohio's Rutherford B. Hayes in the popular vote, and had 184 electoral votes to Hayes's 165, with 20 votes uncounted. These 20 electoral votes were in dispute in three states: Florida, Louisiana, and South Carolina; each party reported its candidate had won the state, while in Oregon one elector was declared illegal (as an "elected or appointed official") and replaced. The 20 disputed electoral votes were ultimately awarded to Hayes after a bitter legal and political battle, giving him the victory...This was the first presidential election in 24 years in which the Democratic candidate won a majority of the popular vote. This was also the first, and so far only, election in the history of the United States in which a candidate received an absolute majority of the popular vote (more than 50 percent) and was not elected President by the Electoral College, and one of only four elections in which the person receiving a plurality of the popular vote lost the electoral vote.
  How many Presidential candidateswon the election, but lost the popular vote? The answer is not many, (four, to be exact), but the count seems to have been kicked up a notch at the very last year of last century, in the year 2000. (Yes, 2001 is the first year of the 21st century.) The list is, John Quincy Adams 1824 (elected by Congress) over Andrew Jackson
Rutherford B Hayes 1876 (declared the Electoral College winner by an Electoral (Commission) over Samuel J Tilden. Benjamin Harrison 1888 over Grover Cleveland. And George W Bush 2000 (After disputed Florida electors awarded to him by Supreme Court Ruling) over Albert Gore.  When it comes to our Presidential votes, it seems we as voters are faced with the choices of either vote or not vote, with Romney being the better choice, but not one with pure Constitutional qualities. But in light of all the above mentioned, when it comes to voting for President, it is not only permissable to vote your conscience and not be responsible for who actually gets elected, rather, many others, myself included, believe one should ALWAYS vote their conscience even if our popular vote DOES count to who gets elected. Otherwise, if the popular sentiment is one of, or the only thing you consider as to who gets your vote, your conscience is either seared, or you have none. ( The New Testament speaks of the end times when people's consciences will be seared: 1 Tomothy 4:2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; )
  Ever since Reagan, the Bush's, Clinton and Obama, we have had no pure Constitutional choice. Reagan was no angel either. Unless God sees fit to have a pure Constitutional choice, we are getting ever closer to the destruction of our Constitutional government as we know it. It is not the Church's, or the rest of American voters' fault. We are simply deceived, mixed with those who actually don't understand, or those who do understand. We are faced with replacing the most evil President we've ever had, with one who has more Constitutional values than we currently have. But until we get a direct popular voting ability, we will continually see the "acceptable" and "ellectable" candidates manipulated straight to the top, against the will of "we the people."
   In concluding, I urge everyone to vote your conscience for another reason, regardless of who wins the e2012 Presidential election, it is our, we the peoples, votes, that will be counted, and serve as proof of what the citizens truly want, instead of who the "masters of the universe", or whoever you want to call them, give to us, regardless of how much we resent and disagree.
  Stay thirsty my friend. And vote well.

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