Mothers Day Message From A Mom & A Pastors Wife (Ps. Leanne Matthesius)

Here is a 2016 update for this Mother's Day for MOM'S! And the above video is a recent message from Ps Leanne Matthesius, wife of the senior Pastor Jurgen Matthesius of C3 San Diego, which I had attended for a brief time. This is just for women. I didn't even hear it so I'm sure it will be great. I could not locate a recording of the notes I had taken on the message below. Clik on the link above titled, "RESOURCES" from one of San Diego's greatest congregations for more messages from a great team of pastors and guest speakers and visit if you are in or near San Diego. Happy Mother's Day to you all! And God bless you! Women really are the greatest people on earth and just realize you are the next thing to deity! Who else can manufacture a living being and carry for 9 months? ONLY a MOM! As a man, I honestly acknowledge that I don't comprehend how women want to be "equal" to men! It is US MEN who are inferior, if one wants to compare! But we are in this together, and on behalf of the male cackle of birds I solute you. 

Mothers Day Message From A Mom & A Pastors Wife (Ps. Leanne Matthesius)

Following are my notes from Mothers Day Sunday morning, May 12, 2013. My Mom passed away at age 77 years, a week after Mother's Day 2012. I just found out this morning that because I trusted in His wisdom, guidance and comfort, that this very next Mother's Day was not so bad. In fact it turned out to be quite a blessing as I served in church and am genuinely happy for all mothers this day as I would be had my Mom still been with us. That is what my Mom would want, and ultimately, it is my Mom's many prayers in the past which is the reason I am still here now, and a born again Christian.
   Of the 25 years I've been following Jesus, and my whole life, I have never heard a woman give a Mothers Day message, and such is the irony and appreciation to be able to be there for a Mom's perspective on this special day. Most people mark their significant, monumental and profound life's experiences on spectacular or brilliant occasions, but for some reason all my landmarks seem to be the finer things of life, and this is one of them.
  Especially memorable is the end of this message (Don't cheat by reading the end first!) because it's such an easy thing to forget, and the last point hit me like a ton of bricks. From now on, after reading these notes and studying the focus Scripture references, you will, if you remember to do these things, have many times of tears of joy, rather than dismay and sorrow. God bless you as you read this.
   Ps Leanne Matthesius. C3 San Diego North From Barrenness to Breakthrough 1Samuel 1:1-20 Just because things are one way doesn't mean things can't change.  A few keys of Hannah: 
1.She was called barren, but she AROSE. vs 9
2Kings 7:3 why sit here til we die!? What's true for the leppers is true for us
2.  She looked to GOD, praying and weeping in bitterness of soul. The final answer comes from the Lord.  Hannah directed her needs to the right place.  Psalm 28:7 The Lord is my help, strenth and shield.
3. 1Samuel 1:12 Hannah did not let offense deter her determination. Ability to not be offended is proportinate to how we are able to get along.  If hypocrites don't keep you from your job, why not keep hypocrisy from keeping you from church? 
4. Hannah changed what she spoke. If you change what you speak, you change what you see.
5. Hannah changed her countenance. Verse 18. After her end of speaking to God her face was no longer sad. In God's presence is fullness of joy. When God changes our sorrow to joy, it is greater than the parting of the Red Sea.

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