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Judges/Burns,Oregon/Trolls/Gov Schills/Tribal & Ranchlands/State-Run Media & Public Sentiments

(UPDATE 12 NOON FEB 11, 2016)

This MAN is really acting like he is mentally ill and unstable. Is he an FBI plant? He's done nothing but portray himself to be someone who wants to mirror several Biblical instances at his own convenience like delusions of grandeur instead of being a part of something in reality to today! He agreed to end this in a lawful manner and allow the law to have course toward progress, and SUDDENLY he wants to portray some BIBLICAL MISSION with HIM as the chosen vessel! He is acting like someone who either wants to be a martyr for his own cause or he is an FBI plant whose plan is to tarnish the whole purpose of the protest. If he comes out alive then he is definitely an FBI plant. If he doesn't then he is an unfortunate unworthy participant in a just cause.   God help us. NOW he says he's got a gun pointed to his head?
Some people believe a lot of his current mental state is a reaction to the fear he has experienced through this and a deep belie in wha…