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(UPDATE 12 NOON FEB 11, 2016)

 This MAN is really acting like he is mentally ill and unstable. Is he an FBI plant? He's done nothing but portray himself to be someone who wants to mirror several Biblical instances at his own convenience like delusions of grandeur instead of being a part of something in reality to today! He agreed to end this in a lawful manner and allow the law to have course toward progress, and SUDDENLY he wants to portray some BIBLICAL MISSION with HIM as the chosen vessel! He is acting like someone who either wants to be a martyr for his own cause or he is an FBI plant whose plan is to tarnish the whole purpose of the protest. If he comes out alive then he is definitely an FBI plant. If he doesn't then he is an unfortunate unworthy participant in a just cause.   God help us. NOW he says he's got a gun pointed to his head?
Some people believe a lot of his current mental state is a reaction to the fear he has experienced through this and a deep belie in what the protest is for. I would like to believe that's what it is. Now he is saying he's confused.
  I still think he is too accurate and articulate in all of his arguments after all these days up until this very moment, for him to be confused and delusional. I think he knows exactly what he is doing.
  So NOW, at 11AM he's smoking one more cigarette and his demands for him to come out is for everyone there to shout Hallelujah. They did it, and now he is arrested and in custody. hallelujah!
  My brain feels like it has now come out of the electrocution chamber and is now reversing it's course and at the first stages of returning to normal. It will be some time. But It eventually became clear the guy didn't even believe the Bible or anything they were saying. You'll have to listen to the recording again, but I don't plan on it until I rest from all this. He was definitely not on the side of the protest as he pretended. Anyone who wants to check the recording will see that he slipped quite a few times in his ramblings. Regardless of what others may think negatively about Michelle Fiore and Gavin Deim, who literally became the crisis negotiators at the end, and even Rev Graham spoke and prayed with them, Seim and Fiore did an absolutely tremendous job, and I noticed they even became definitely aware that the man in the refuge suddenly became obvious that he did not believe one bit anything he has been claiming to believe this whole time. So it definitely is a must listen for any Christian first responder like me in CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management.) It is God's providence also, that Rev Franklin Graham was there, whose Samaritan's Purse and Billy Graham Rapid Response Team he runs, of which I had worked with for several years' previous fires and hurricane relief.

(UPDATE 8AM THUR FEB 11, 2016)
Michael Tobin shared Bundy Ranch's post.
25 mins
Thurs, 8:00AM PST -- Gavin has set up an Oregon Live Stream for this morning. He is trying keep everyone on the line. Pray the patriots can keep the peace. (8:15AM PST) FBI is trying to contact the Refuge occupiers on cellphone so will be live stream also
Thurs, 8:00AM PST -- Gavin has set up an Oregon Live Stream for this morning. He is trying keep everyone on the line. Pray the patriots can keep the peace.

Praying for peace.

Michael Tobin shared Bundy Ranch's post.
12 hrsOceanside
It's 9PM exactly and this is a LIVE FEED still going on now with the patriots inside the refuge. They desperately need prayers right now.
5:25PM PST -- Standoff happening NOW.
David Fry and those at the refuge are surrounded by military vehicles. They managed to get a phone call out which is being passed thru to this live stream.
We know little more than what's being said on the air but we feel what's happening needs to be broadcast. Warning, strong language very tense. -- Pray very hard! ‪#‎Liberty‬ ‪#‎FreeThePatriots‬

Michael Tobin I'm not being cruel but this is what's going on, folks. People who are afraid more of going to jail than they are concerned about how right their participation is, are taking the lead, while many who have nothing to lose remain silent. This is pathetic...See More
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Michael Tobin About an hour and a half listening til they hung up. Seemed like forever
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Michael Tobin People need to realize there are key figures involved behind the scene, but I'm still stunned of the lack of concern from general society throughout the country. Regardless, if you read so many of replies and comments from status feeds, you will see pe...See More
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Michael Tobin Live stream was conducted by, Gavin Seim. Liberty activist, Portraitist, Pictorialist, Author. He really deserves alot of credit for defusing a very volatile situation and were it not for his phone call, those patriots would have been dead by now. You ...See More
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Judges/Burns,Oregon/Trolls/Gov Schills/Tribal & Ranchlands/State-Run Media & Public Sentiments By: Michael Tobin

(Jan 12, 2016 UPDATE)
The following two quotationed sentences is the complete update. The rest of the article deals with past few day's events: "Michael Emery (seen in the video in this link   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3trjBSYZP8#action=share ) in Burns, Oregon verifies today a judge who will remain unnamed is on his way to Burns, Oregon escorted by two U.S Marshals. The purpose of the visit is to reinstate the rule of law according to the U.S constitution."  Taken from a late morning update from the "Support Cliven Bundy" page. Here is the article link: 

Oregon Victory – Judge and 2 US Marshals in Route to Restore Constitutional Rule of Law

BY VOICE OF REASON · TUESDAY, JANUARY 12TH, 2016   http://thelastgreatstand.com/2016/01/12/oregon-victory-judge-and-2-us-marshals-in-route-to-restore-constitutional-rule-of-law/?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=socialnetwork 

ANOTHER DISCUSSION or Two on The Fight For The Constitution

The following is something I've been meaning to touch on for quite some time, and now, the opportunity seems ripe. And you're quite welcome, for those whose response is, "O yeah! What a riot these people are!" But seriously. Just read some of the garbage and wonder how is it that some get away with profaneity and threats when others don't. But the following is no profanity. Just simple slander.
  As described in Wikipedia, a shill is described as this: A shill, also called a plant or a stooge, is a person who publicly helps or gives credibility to a person or organization without disclosing that they have a close relationship with the person or organization. Shills can carry out their operations in the areas of media, journalism, marketing or other business areas.
  Shill typically refers to someone who purposely gives onlookers the impression that they are an enthusiastic independent customer of a seller (or marketer of ideas) for whom they are secretly working. The person or group who hires the shill is using crowd psychology to encourage other onlookers or audience members to purchase the goods or services (or accept the ideas being marketed). Shills are often employed by professional marketing campaigns. "Plant" and "stooge" more commonly refer to any person who is secretly in league with another person or organization while pretending to be neutral or actually a part of the organization he is planted in, such as a magician's audience, a political party, or an intelligence organization. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shill )

(There are plenty of good conversations to have, if you are truly capable of talking. But patience can be tested. Advice? be nice and civil. And when necessary block the person you are talking with. If it goes that far, just don't argue. But the following two person's I actually didn't need to block. But it starts with a meme, or political cartoon, that someone thought would be educational. Then I took the bait. But what is bait against Jaws? This stuff is mere bait. And you'd be surprised how others respond. Or maybe not. But I digress. My personal opinion on just who these people are is noted at the end of the conversations. Also in the article further below titled, "Ranchhlands, State-Run Media and Public Sentiments". ENJOY!)

Michael Tobin: People should get a college degree in what they learn from these memes huh?

JS: Sadly this political cartoon is how some conservatives react. They cheer on cops who kill children with toy guns, yet defend jerks with real guns who break the law.

Michael Tobin: 
 No that is not reality. That is a twisted picture of how the puppeteers want society to see things. And it just isn't true. What people don't understand is that Constitution Militia actually do have legitimate rights to do what they are doing, where they are doing it and how they are doing it for the reasons they are doing it. It will all come out in the wash. But using memes like this, no matter which side of a cause a cause is for, is counterproductive. Truth doesn't need deception and deception doesn't make truth false. Accept to those who believe lies.

JS: Sometimes people need to be shown a mirror for change to happen. A cab driver today pleaded guilty to refusing to pick up Al Roker due to the color of his skin and had to pay a $500 fine for it. Sadly racism is still out there, and it won't go away if all we do is ignore it and sweep it under the rug.

Michael Tobin: The cab driver was a dark complected man. Racism was not the motivation for not picking up Al Roker. His reaction was reactionary.

JS: Actually they don't have the right to destroy property or claim access only for them. They say they are taking it back for the people. but by the people they mean only ranchers. They don't want the land for everyone to access, just them and their kind. One of those speaking on here for the group said all like minded people were invited since it is the people's land. I asked if nudist commie liberals would be allowed to use the place also and my question was ignored. Obviously those people throwing a temper tantrum don't want it for ALL people just people they agree with. That isn't about freedom, it is about protecting the status quo to their liking only.

Michael Tobin: Likeminded people means people of any color, race, creed, religion etc... who are tired of Federal abuse and want property back in state control for all of the obvious reasons of abuse and criminal activity on the Fed BLM and Wildlife parts. To throw in nudist or whatever is just a circular tactic to keep a dead argument going

JS: Shouldn't it be available for ALL people not just people who agree with them? After all the land and the building belong to all people. So it is time that some pot smoking nudist hippies go enjoy the benefits of the Refuge. Of course those freedom first minded people with the guns will accept them with open arms right?

It is not a circular argument because it points out the fact that they are making statements they don't really support. They don't want all people to go up there and use the refuge, only people they agree with.

Michael Tobin: OK so now I'm naive? Nice circular going on again. Yes it is circular. You said the person didn't answer you. You obviously are asking anybody other than who is in any kind of authority. Unless you want to lie and say it was the top dog. You could have asked a dog and got no answer for all anyone online knoiws. We all already know you can say anything you want online. But you admit that is a dead argument too because you can't paint Burns protesters, ranchers, militia or any other white foe as racist in this matter. Case closed. Like I said, it's all going to come out and all you people propogandizing this whole just cause are going to be left looking for another fight. You know what your purpose is depending on who you actually are. You are either government propoganda operatives, kids, or commies. It doesn't matter to me because the fact is, you won't succeed in perverting the truth except in your own minds.

JS: Yes I can paint at least one of them as racist. Oh wait he didn't mean what he said right? It was the media's fault for playing the unedited version of the video recording. He is not really racist and they didn't understand him when he said Black people should be taught to pick cotton so they don't go to jail.

Michael Tobin: I know ALL about that grasshopper. AGAIN. twisted memes and juvenile arguments. Anyone who ventures past the meme generator will actually discover that actual reading is better than cartoons. You are merely taking anybody and anyone who is against your socialist vision for a better country than you could ever imagine laboring for, and labeling them any way you choose, so you can take the criminal way to change. Slander is criminal. So is taking from those who labor hard and giving it to the lazy. We all know now. Come on. Ask Gerard Depardieu, who became a Russian Citizen last year because of the tired old politics of socialism. And so on, and so on, and so on. That is what Cliven Bundy was referring to: today's version of American Democrat/Socialism has done far worse for the black family as well as any other color family, meaning white also, by causing us all to be dependent in one way or another. So back to the subject. Ranchers and farmers. Americans. And the U.S. Constitution. It has nothing to do with racism, and the cause of those at the refuge are one: to see the release of two Americans experiencing cruel and unusual punishment, and double jeopardy. And two: retrieving back rightful grazing and water rights, and getting the FED off of state land and unconstitutional control of state land as well as stopping them from ever again burning ranchers houses, killing and burning their livestock and running them off their ranches, and then having an unlawful legal right to purchase the ranch property from the destroyed owners at lower than market prices.

Second mainstream news Site Conversation

MP:  How in he hell have these criminals been allowed to take it this far? Oh and when can I take over a federal building while I'm armed? The only ones worse than these idiots are the ones that are doing nothing. The government it's self.

Michael Tobin: What people don't understand is that they actually do have legitimate rights to do what they are doing, where they are doing it and how they are doing it for the reasons they are doing it. It will all come out in the wash.

MP:  They have the right to protest and assemble. They don't have the right to destroy or commandeer government property for their cause.

Michael Tobin: Ranchers and farmers. Americans. And the U.S. Constitution. It has nothing to do with destruction of property, unless you consider opening a FED installed fence illegally erected to block a ranchers legal rights for their cattle to graze on FED land, or burning their OWN property that went on a small area of FED land, which successfully STOPPED the fire the FED's started, from burning the ranchers property, which by the way was started by the FED at the wrong time of the year, only to destroy the Hammond's ranch to get rid of them so the FED can finish running enough ranchers from their livelihoods for their own gain of more FED land. So the cause of those at the refuge are just, legal and necessary, and their methods are perfectly acceptable and permissible according to the U.S. Constitution given all the circumstances and past criminal history proven by Federal judges and court records of ranchers in other states. So like it or believe it or not, the causes are one: to see the release of two Americans experiencing cruel and unusual punishment, and double jeopardy. And two: retrieving back rightful grazing and water rights, and getting the FED off of state land and unconstitutional control of state land as well as stopping them from ever again burning ranchers houses, killing and burning their livestock and running them off their ranches, and then having an unlawful legal right to purchase the ranch property from the destroyed owners at lower than market prices.

(UPDATE Jan 10, 2016)Here's an addition to the below blog, Tribal & Ranchlands... . 

Tribal & Ranchlands, State-Run media and 

Public Sentiments By: Michael Tobin

   It's amazing how many people are condemning the many people of Burns, Oregon and the many who have joined them near and from thousands of miles away, just the way the Federal government and state run news wants them to.
  As reported Monday Jan. 4, 2015 by Bend Oregon NewsChannel 21, the closest television news station, an NBC affiliate,  to Burns, Oregon, "A member of the Central Oregon Constitutional Guard was back from Burns Monday, attending Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden's town hall meeting in Madras and urging him to visit Harney County and help defuse the protest by militia members who took over federal buildings."I'm concerned -- I'm truly concerned," B.J. Soper of Redmond told Wyden at a town hall meeting that drew a crowd of about 70. Soper told NewsChannel 21 he's well-acquainted with Dwight and Steve Hammond, the ranchers at the center of the dispute, and with the Bundys. He also said he spent weeks in Burns, preparing for Saturday's peaceful protest, unaware what would come next."  http://www.ktvz.com/news/burns-protest-leader-from-redmond-opposes-takeover/37265112?platform=hootsuite 

This is a viral photo from the April, 2014 Nevada  Constitutional Militia protests that saw Bureau of Land Management bulldozing Cliven Bundy's cattle, killing and injuring many of them during their evil, vindictive unconscionable tactics among many years of other tactics against many other land owners, all purposed to run ranchers off of their property to become Federal property.

 Many news site commenters keep referring to themselves as against militias standing for property rights in Oregon, Nevada and past demonstrations and militias because they are paying taxes and protesters are breaking the law. And they commonly repeat that the town of Burns, Oregon are mostly against the protesters. But NO, the actual story is they want to quit paying FEDERAL taxes on state and Indian land in other states. It is the federal government granting contractors rights to frack on tribal lands in other states. I want the federal government off your state land so I can stop paying for it. 
 It has already been proven that nasty word, unconstitutional, and concerning the constant media reports of the town's dissatisfaction with neighboring and local militia presence, here is one man's reply I saw on a supporters Facebook, that refutes media reports:

  "I came to Burns Oregon to find out the truth...Now, im just laying here alone in my room taking in all I've learned ..what I can tell you is the media like we all have come to expect is lying...from my view anyway....as far back as 100 miles where ever I ask...who ever I ask...all support the Hammond's and the Patriots!! as of yet I have not found a single soul that live in fear of the Patriots nor think the Hammond's are guilty of anything...not a single one...but I did find that fear the media speak of so fast in regard to good men just trying to save our nation...but that fear was not found against patriots....I had Americans ...right here on American soil ..telling me of their support for the Bundy brothers and the patriots that stand with them....in hushed voices...fearful that someone from the BLM might hear...Wrap that around your minds people....a whole town bullied by the BLM! Behold reality ! Right here in the good ole USA...Americans speaking in hushed tones in public places...afraid of who in our gov of power might see...how did we allow this? how did we let it fall so far." 

  With the state running state property, state elected officials are less likely to burn their voters land, homes and livestock. And with state run land, state elected officials have no authority to grant contractors rights to mine, drill and frack on tribal lands and ranchlands, with grazing and water rights that go back hundreds of years.. But that just makes too much sense and the US Constitution is too good to be true.

  Tribal leaders and all other militias from all other states all want federal OFF of state and tribal land. Why is the Federal government granting an Australian company mining rights on tribal lan in one state, and why is Federal government granting contractors rights to frack on Tribal land in yet another state? I think state militia and tribes have the same foe. And the US Constitution must be too good to be true, in some people's minds.

  So after reading so many mainstream media articles regarding the whole militia events and now, Tribal Indian concerns, I usually know it's all the same, that it's all being ignored by every Walking Eagle who ever occupied the Whitehouse. So now there are those from many other states demanding what the US Constitution says, and trying to get something done. If this succeeds, no doubt there will be a better deal for tribes and all property owners across the country whether it's in some neighborhood, ranch, farm or rural property. Like I said, we all have the same foe. And it's time they listen.

  It's a good thing there are news sources who don't report the way the state tells them to. Mainstream media should be seen as "state run media" as our own mainstream media likes to call Chinas, Russias and any other socialist countries news. They are all divided yet call for the same thing. redistribution of wealth, state owned land, and a Gestapo to enforce the government decrees. That all sounds pretty typical anti establishment lingo, but it's actually true. If people realized it, there's no way corporate news in the U.S. can actually report accurately, because heads roll, and many have and will bite the bullet for doing so. So they want to support their families and they want to live. That is why it's good to read books and do your own research. Sorry for the long speech but I think it's starting to sink in. Do you notice ALL of Oregon is in on this this year? And in 2014 the rest of Nevada could care less about their own citizens? The commonality is that honest and caring people from many states came to help. They left their families to help one family. That's pretty encouraging.

For the origins of the Bureau of Land Management what is the Constitutional Militia, and how they have exercised their obligations, select this link: 

Bureau Of Land Management (BLM) a British Company? Bunkerville, NV Range War


Making America Righteous-Again: From Bitterness To A Delight Kindle Edition

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This book is not time sensitive, meaning that it will never lose it's relevance. In fact, it should be read to relate to any time now and in the future by students, instructors, new believers, non believers and seasoned laypersons.
 I think we can agree we all feel like the world is in a NASCAR race full of crashes, delays, cautions, pit-stops and even deaths. This race and all of its' madness has to stop, and I want a sense of peace. He leadeth us to still waters. 
There is an old saying, "the end results justify the means to achieve such results." 
The reason for my book title containing the word, "righteous", instead of greatness, is because it's a pun on Donald Trumps' Presidential campaign slogan, "Lets Make America Great Again." My point throughout this book is to show that righteousness is the means to achieve greatness. Therefore one does not become great in its' desired sense and definition without first becoming righteous. Also, America will never be great, unless the Church is great. I have compiled eleven years of my best essays relating to this books title, and one of them is from twenty-six years ago that I finally wrote in 2006. Here are the definitions of righteousness, and great: 
Righteousness: the quality or state of being just or rightful 
Great: wonderful first-rate; very good...

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