Texan Builds Dam Around Home, Was Scoffed,Only Home Not Flooded

Texas Man Says God Guided Him To Build A Dam Around His Home And Neighbors Laughed At Him, But His House Was The Only One The Flood Didn’t Destroy By naycrumors - September 5, 2016  September 5, 2016 SOURCE (Original Source, D.C. Clothesline, did not include the man claiming to have been led by God to build the dam, but this one here had this part to the story.) 

Randy Wagner lives in Rosharon, the latest place to be hit by the historic floods in Texas. To prepare, Wagner says God guided his hand to the aquadam website. Neighbors laughed as he purchased a 400-foot, 30″ tall dam to surround his house, but he installed it just in time before record-breaking rains came through.
“I was the crazy guy. Everybody was kinda going by, laughing at me…” Randy said.
Wagner randomly took a chance, spending $8,300 on what basically amounts to a big piece of plastic. His neighbors probably thought there was no way that tube was going to do much of anything accept put Wagner out thousands while he watched his house flood anyway, adding insult to injury.
Wagner had faith in God, though. While military were busy assisting his neighbors with a mandatory evacuation ahead of heavy rains, Wagner put up his dam and he and his family stayed put and waited.
The water rose 27″, completely surrounding his home, but it never seeped through the barriers. His neighbors may have laughed at him before… but only his house was saved.

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