Tracking Hurricane Matthew

Tracking Hurricane Matthew

Following is the most recent and legitimate source for reference information and update I can locate at the moment. Refresh the link for updates, and please be safe. Feel free to comment below with any prayer requests or you need someone to research something while you may not be able to if you are caught in the storm. God bless you.

Hurricane Matthew will impact the South and North Carolina regions before hitting Virginia Friday and Saturday … as a strong hurricane.  Read on for the details and if you are in the SC/NC areas you need to get ready now as NWF has issued a HURRICANE WATCH …
I have issued a Hurricane Watch for my viewers in the SC/NC areas as Hurricane Matthew comes through the Cuba and Haitian channel.  It is almost like the hurricane is being steered through it .. avoiding the mountainous areas … and it will continue to maintain major category hurricane status right into the United States on Friday into Saturday.
My custom track shows it moving through the channel .. into the Bahamas this week .. .curving along and east of Miami around Wed/Thu and an impact into SC on Friday or Friday night into Saturday morning.
Residents on the SC coast and the Central to Eastern half of NC and SE VA will need to take your precautions now … confidence in the track below is high and it is further west of the tracks other forecasts have …
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