Oakland "Artist's Colony" National Paid Protesters?

Oakland "Artist's Colony" National Paid Protesters?
By: Michael D. Tobin 11-05-16

I actually just had time to listen up on a friends broadcast on this "pizza gate" research and that's another thing that actually had reminded me of those who were in that building as possibly being a few homeless who were paid protesters from those George Soros affiliated activists. And after finally reading and listening to so called experts on C.I.A. and illuminati matters in politics, I came away very disturbed for various reasons.
Here is an article from American Thinker, which is a site I highly recommend as I've often referred to this site in the past regarding other subjects, and this article was actually near the top of my websearch list, on the Oakland warehouse fires: December 5, 2016 A Fire in Oakland By Michael Bargo, Jr. This article asks some of the best immediate questions, and offers some actual pertinent insight, given the recent timing after this tragic fire. The questions are just how does this happen, and several city and county office members and their yearly salaries and public obligations. But what it, and everything else I've heard about this tragic event didn't have, was my immediate suspicions, which are that many if not all of these warehouse occupiers quite possibly were just a small portion of who were scattered all across our nation, hidden and covert, by supporters of mainly Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama through billionaire George Soros' financing for political protests, riots and activism, to further the cause of the evil brand of socialism which they adhere to. All of this which really isn't absolutely new, because we should remember the so-called "Occupy D.C." which branched out to many other "Occupy's". And going back to the 1960's and 70's we have a list of other names, of which Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and a few on B.O.'s actual Presidential Cabinet, have had some sort of affiliation or dedication to. And it should be no surprise that given the current state of the Democrat party, they are known for exploiting public education students of all ages, and into community and state colleges and universities, for their political gain, regardless of any use of lack of truth or ethics they engage in, and the harm their tactics cause the young people who literally become at the very beck and command of professors, mainstream news media, political candidates, elected officials, and the list is long, and those believing they are doing the right thing starts at the top and goes all the way to the janitor and those living on the streets, which include many minor, underage runaways and those of higher ages, who will do just about anything for money. So the so called "pizzagate" subject I mentioned above, is a brief mention, but mainly I am focusing here on who are those living in that warehouse before the blaze, and what we must do to simply remain proactive, and be aware of so many ways we can just encourage each other and others as a normal way of life, to turn our nation around and become much more reputable than we have become. I wrote a whole book about that, and I mention it below.
So please be aware that no matter who these people were who perished in the fire, and all those residing in this abandoned warehouse, if it weren't for the current political situation where one side of politics needed all the help they can get, this warehouse would have been locked up, free of any live electrical feed, and empty. And most importantly, these people need our prayers and support for real meaningful activities and jobs for their futures. I'm 52 years old, and thank God I had a mind to continuously ask questions and always have a list of adults and those older than myself, to learn from. Let's change America for the better. Talk to young people. Smile and make friends with them and tell them they can do it. Do some research on intercessory prayer, and get together with friends and church to pray about these things instead of getting bent out of shape and not doing a thing. Learn all you can about who is running for office and vote your convictions and conscience to the best of your abilities.
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