Jesus, Disaster Response, Florida Wild Fires, Grid Outages, 61 Ships & Korea

(UPDATE: MAY 5, From article, 

Operation Gotham Shield 2017

May 11, 2017
"And what about the simultaneous electrical blackouts in three major U.S. cities shortly before the main Gotham Shield events of April 24-26? They fell during the broader exercise date range, yet the lamestream media were almost uninterested in learning the cause. If not actual terror activities, were they part of Gotham Shield, and, if so, what does that say about the federal government’s willingness to create chaos and mayhem among its own people?" 2017  )

Jesus, Disaster Response, Florida Wild Fires, Grid Outages, 61 Ships & Korea
By: Michael D. Tobin

(UPDATE SEE THIS LINK FOR UPDATES AND CRITICAL LINKS/RESOURCES FOR THE REGIONS: Mandatory evacuations remain as Golden Gate blaze continues Updated: Apr 22, 2017 8:30 PM PDT The Florida Forest Service said on Saturday that the fire is on the east side of Collier Boulevard and continues heading west.

As of Saturday night, the fire burned 5,500 acres, destroyed at least nine homes, and put 7,000 others in the line of destruction. What some consider most concerning is the containment is only at 20 percent – unchanged from Friday. )

Hey don't mind the spooky looking guy in the pic I have the link to in the info section of but WHY is Snopes "... waiting for confirmation from the Department of Homeland Security that the three events were unrelated and not suspect." ? Why wouldn't they simply be waiting for confirmation from the Department of Homeland Security IF the three events were unrelated OR suspect? Do you people get it yet? So I did some fact-checking myself and the only sources saying Los Angeles was part of the day's outages were mostly obscure, un heard of or the typical wack job sources, but these wack jobs are correct quite often, with their main focus being on awareness of all other possibilities our mainstream media are not allowed to discuss. So what of it, that Los Angeles's was the day before? OH, then nothing to be concerned about, right? NOT. But do you get it that for some reason Snopes and our msm sometimes trip up in their mis-information tactics once in a while, letting on to their true mission? Just look at what they're waiting for. Unbelievable. (NOT). Now, what about the thousands of Floridians who are under mandatory evacuation orders as more than 115 wildfires scorch the state, that started THURSDAY, the SAME day as the Los Angeles power outage, and the day befor the New York and SF outages, BOTH in the SAME morning of FRIDAY? That's yesterday. So see it like this: YESTERDAY: TWO, SF and NY large power outages. The day BEFORE yesterday: MASSIVE FLORIDA wildfires AND a Los Angeles GROUP of power outages. OH! And they're ALL COASTAL areas. OK. look at it like this, too: What I said above. AND THEN, something most of us still don't know yet: According to a April 21, (yesterday), source I'll post in the comments, " ON APRIL 18TH THRU MAY 5TH, 2017, STATE, LOCAL, AND FEDERAL ORGANIZATIONS ALIKE ARE PLANNING FOR OPERATION GOTHAM SHIELD 2017, SIMULATING A NUCLEAR ATTACK ON THE EAST COAST." This is based on an actual government source, "The Nevada National Security Service," and they can be found online at their abbreviation with a . gov website. And the article goes further to note that, "IN JUST A FEW DAYS, DURING APRIL 24-26TH, OPERATION GOTHAM SHIELD WILL COMMENCE." So on the 18th, New York began preparation, and according to the above statement, the commencement is to begin two days from now (April 24, 2017). Meanwhile, two days after the planned preparation day began the further above-mentioned Florida wildfires and the Los Angeles power outages, followed by the San Francisco and New York morning power outages. And BTW, Florida is still burning. As of about two hours ago, according to reports,thirteen homes in Lee County have been damaged or destroyed by a 400-acre wildfire.
More than 2,000 homes are under a mandatory evacuation order in the county, which includes Fort Myers on the southern part of the Gulf Coast. (Where I had responded as a crisis chaplain back in 2003 after the multiple historical deadly hurricanes struck the same area 3X's in a row within a month.)
Further south in neighboring Collier County, a fire near the Golden Gate Estates section of Naples has grown to 5,500 acres.
Mandatory evacuation zone includes more than 6,000 structures. Two trailers, two vehicles, and several outbuildings have been destroyed, according to the Florida governor's office.
Already on-scene since yesterday are the state's National Guard, including five UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters. Well, Korea is happening. According to a report by South Korea's primary news outlet, Yonhap,the Pentagon has directed a total of three US aircraft carriers toward the Korean Peninsula, citing a South Korean government source. A friend pointed out a few things, including, three aircraft carriers include the three carriers as well as 20 additionel ships each. And that is not including the Trident and other subs along the way. The carriers are, the U.S.S.'s Ronald Reagan, Carl Vinson and the Nimitz. My friend, Doug Krieger, put's it this way: (QUOTE)"In case you're not aware who trucks with a USA-Aircraft Carrier - try up to 20 additional WAR VESSELS - so having 3 Aircraft Carrier Groups in Korean waters is 3 + 60 = 63 ships (give or take) and then there's submarines--like in TRIDENT who are so lethal it isn't funny...just so you know... One American Aircraft Carrier Group could take on the entire subcontinent of India and 3 - well, you just don't want to go there...the NIMITZ is Nuclear-Powered - weighs +/- 100,000 Tons - has 90+ Aircraft aboard and missiles coming out your ears!! Each aircraft has around 5,000 personnel---YOU HAVE NO IDEA THE POWER THEY POSSESS!" (END QUOTE) The Nimitz is in Oregon undergoing maintenance and training. The Vinson will be in Korea by the 25th and the Ronald Reagan is on it's way now as I speak, from Japan, all toward S. Korea. Let all that sink in. Now take into account the many terrorist attacks between the U.K. since 2005 and the 9-11 attacks that ocurred during the same time as our domestic security department's terrorist trainings. Way more than mere coincidence. OK friends, I'm ending this broadcast like this: If you haven't got Jesus, now's the time. Jesus said, "...learn of me." In Matthew's Gospel chapter 11:29 Jesus said, "Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls." Read that dusty Bible, or go get a free one from a church or go get you one from a Christian book store. Read some of my previous blogs and you can see what I've already broadcast and wrote about, on how these are all tied in to Biblical prophecy. But until the next broadcast, I'm going to let all this sink in a bit too before either my next subject or possibly a part two to this. But I need to stop, as I'm limited to 15 min per broadcast on my small site I'm currently on, and laying low on the one I'm a guest on that is unlimited, but til further notice, there are things happening and not yet able to continue on there, but it's imperative for me to obtain listener support for what I've also mentioned previously about full-time availability broadcasting and disaster response with Billy Graham Rapid Response Team and Samaritan's Purse. I can't always depend on my guest site depending on who may be needing to broadcast all at the same time, and with my own, there will be nobody waiting in line to do their shows. And on the ministry field, my broadcasts will be mostly time sensitive for the soul purpose of the time-sensitive-things-of-God. So it would be a tremendous blessing to have sponsors and back-up. I already have a very cutting edge concept for my show that is sure to be certifiable sensation. But it needs to be under wraps until I have the assurance of assist, if I can borrow a basketball term. All my broadcasts from this podcast site are stored on my youtube, at this link: .
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