My New Author's Page On Amazon Kindle

My New Author's Page On Amazon Kindle
By: Michael D. Tobin

And as a little bonus, here's a video of the 'Godmobile'! I just found by searching youtube out of curiosity. It's one from 2012. I've actually done this 7 years in a row and 8 total. This is the 10th year the FGBM Assoc. has had the Godmobile at the fair. I've attended that past 8. This video is shortly after the gates opened and perfect timing just before the grounds are wall-to-wall people, and I didn't need to be concerned about people who did not want to be on camera and youtube, facebook, etc... Several of Godmobiles travel the states various public events including fairs, Nascar and others. The challenge is simple and the stories are many. Thousands of born again Christians still cannot describe how they are getting to Heaven, so we remind them it is only through faith and acceptance of Jesus, who He is, what He did for us and why he came. We then pray with people or just have a conversation, and reactions vary. Literally thousands accept Jesus simply because the invitation is there, and seeds are planted, God's Word never returns void, and we hand out quality Gospel books, Bibles and daily devotionals from various pastors, missionaries and authors. God is so good!!!

  The work of the Lord God has birthed in me is the desire to go forward, with podcasting and all the little surprises such as in the video above and so much more. And little did I know that three and a half years later after this video was done, I would finally actually be an author. God truly is full of good surprises. And I'm happy to announce that I have just finished setting up my 'Author's Page' at Amazon's, 'Author Central' site, and by searching my name or following my book URL, you will automatically see my page info as well as my book info. My book link is listed below. 
  I desire to respond to disaster sites sharing the love of Jesus at hurricane, tornado, fires and other disasters as a Billy Graham Rapid Response Team chaplain, as I've been one since 2003. I pray to be able to renew my passport and have one for my 31-yr old son who wants to be in missions and ministry with me. Visit my podcast, Michael Tobin Show at, .

Please help me respond to natural disasters as a BGRRT Chaplain by purchase of my book, Making America Righteous-Again: From Bitterness To A Delight at, You may also support through paypal at, 
ALSO, you may see more detail at my GiveSendGo account, , and my GoFundMe account, .

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