Syria, Staged Gas Attacks/Rand Paul, Warning To California/America, Massive Prophecy Update Pt 5

Syria, Staged Gas Attacks/Rand Paul, Warning To California/America, Massive Prophecy Update Pt 5
By: Michael D. Tobin
April 7, 2017

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  Yesterday was an elimination of months of homework for mainstream media, and now they have to look stupid because they have nothing to say on tv and have to start all over for their talking head talking points. 
  Russia and Syria claim that the chemical "attack" was actually an attack on terrorist chemical weapons supplies.
  My suspicions were that Turkey had staged this attack. Later on I saw this: "... "gas attack" was a false flag designed to manipulate President Trump into war."
  In my broadcast from yesterday, April 6, 2017, I was broadcasting as Syria was being attacked by the U.S., but I was unaware. I had mentioned while broadcasting that the Holy Spirit gave me an assignment to pray for Sen Rand Paul. NOW, here is Sen Rand Paul's response to the soon to be, epic-and- unprecedented-attack-historical-consequences of this attack response. And my next attention is going to be focused on Russia's response as soon-to-be-related to a devastating attack on, of all places, CALIFORNIA.
  Here is a bonus of a previous broadcast: TAKE 2! Iran Invasion of California, two Dams? Oroville, and Sutherland?
From: Michael Tobin Show FEB 12, 2017 . Fast backward/forward to the news of our Syrian attack, and then Sen Rand Paul's response. 
  Here is the news link to Sen Rand Paul's response video: Sen. Rand Paul: Syria, Trump and another unconstitutional rush to war
Sen. Rand Paul By Sen. Rand Paul  Published April 07, 2017
  In case the video disappears for some odd reason, at least his audio is preserved here, on the Michael Tobin Show! Unless my little page is wiped out for some reason.
  I had warned America of "the battle being on our soil", and the past 10 day's of this "Massive Bible Prophecy" series has also served as an awareness and warning, for what I believe is to come, literal fulfilments of Biblical prophecy concerning end-time events and the coming return of Jesus.
  A recurring thought I keep having is ever since Op D Storm and especially NYC Twin Towers, there have been lots of Biblically prophetic mirror images. But the problem with mirror images is that all objects in the image are juxtaposed. Biblical prophecy needs no image.
  But for a detailed description and compilation of just what to keep in mind and prayer regarding current world events, please go through my series, "Massive Bible Prophecy", my most recent broadcasts from the past 10 days.
Photo map source: ESRI, Google Earth, Naval Air Systems Command; GRAPHIC: Karl Gelles, USA TODAY 

  I believe Syria was framed with the help of Turkey. Turkey had already disclosed earlier this week or last week that they plan on an invasion of northwest Syrian towns under the guise of fighting ISIS, so they may have motives for a preemptive strike or a false flag to gain global and public support. It may have been real. Or it may have been fake. A friend had posted something earlier, after I had already posted, that I believe Turkey was involved, that actually notes prior preparation from media and others with gas masks and suits the day before. Even noting that some of the "victims" had some blunt trauma marks on their bodies, even children.
Here is the link I mentioned, that my friend had shared:

Interesting read:
**THE BIGGER PICTURE... these gas attack tactics go way back to the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) UNDER the Bush Administration** 
Comments re-posted:
This is a controversial comment and some will be upset or even outraged by what I am saying. But this comes after extensive research and current incoming information by those on the ground over a long period of time-including high ranking patriotic military personnel. It is going to be up to the remnant church whether or not we become seekers of truth through prayer and research in this hour, or if we continue to believe the propagandized narrative that we are fed by the mainstream corporate media and ruling class elites as it will continue to disseminate in such a way.
The situation in Syria is a result of the Obama administration and the long standing globalist policies even into the Bush era. They have several objectives in Syria and in the broader Middle East region. General Wesley Clark testifies to this as well.
1. Destabilize Syria by arming and equipping rebel factions (including even some ISIS affiliates) to overthrow the current Assad government. Initiate a "civil war" that will result in regime change and further put pressure on Iran.
2. The objective of regime change is due to a desire to continue the "Arab Spring" which destabilized the middle eastern region's governments (only ones that are outside of full western central banking control) in an effort to remain on the US dollar global standard (Petro-Dollar) system. If the countries of the Middle East were to exit the US dollar or continue to do bilateral trade deals with Russia and China (and other countries) outside of the US dollar, the US dollar would lose its "global reserve currency" status and this would send the current global financial order into a tailspin resulting in a new global currency system. The US economy would then not have the advantage of printing its way out of massive amounts of debt and deficit and the central banking elites could lose control-unless they themselves set the financial system off with a new plan or currency initiation. (Breaking from the Bretton Woods agreement and going into a new global currency-which is in their plan in the near future)
3. The Turkish stream pipeline has been a major objective of the West. It needs to go through Turkey and Syria to get to Europe. This would be a major advantage to the West to have this pipeline, but Russia and Iran (in partnership with Syria) are offering their own pipeline that would benefit Russia, Iran and Syria. This has been a major source of contention.
4. The global elites desperately want a war with Russia. Russia has significant influence in Syria and are outside of the western central banking controlled countries. They also have a naval base in Syria. One of only 10 in the world (outside of Russia). The US has 280 outside of the US mainland. Russia stepped in to stop the arming and equipping of the Islamic rebels and to try and stabilize the Syrian government and stop the Western backed civil war to overthrow the current Syrian government. This is after the West overthrew the governments of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and The Ukraine-also after the West (under Obama) induced much of the Arab Spring. Russia is still subject to the swift banking system (part of the western central banking system-dollar based exchange) but has recently (with the help of the BRICS countries) developed an alternative system to the swift system. They (along with China) have also developed the AIIB which is an alternative to the western central bank. This is very destabilizing to the US dollar dominance which is a major reason why Russia is target number one.
Although Russia has its own problems and is far from perfect, it is not what the USSR once was. Russia is more focused on its domestic problems and they are many. It's military is not sufficient to fight the NATO alliance led by the US forces. The only way it could go to war with the West is if it would be to go nuclear or partner with China. The NATO forces have Russia surrounded on almost every flank in Eastern Europe.
Why war with Russia?
It sounds like lunacy to want a war with a nuclear nation like Russia. But the elites are not exactly in a lucid state of mind. These are people that are given to Lucifer and a luciferian religious belief-they are extremely dark and evil people. Their objective is total world dominance and a one world global government. They despise Christians. There are only a few nations left that stand in their way to initiate this plan. If they can overthrow Russia, and get the whole planet to be under their system, then this sinister plan can be a reality in the very near future. They want to take physical cash away and go digital, so that all transactions are controllable and can be tracked. This is what the Bible talks about.
Donald Trump is surrounded by hostiles. Although he is outside of the global elites, much of the Republican and Democrat parties are part of the deep state one party system. These are the globalists that want a borderless society and one world global government. It is not clear if Trump alone can root out this deeply rooted group of hostile individuals and their sinister plans. If the globalists are successful in starting a war with Russia, it will greatly destabilize the current global order and semi-peace around the world. If you read Pikes document of the Third World War plan, written by the elites, you will see much of what is happening is exactly on target for their plans! This is why we need to understand that most of this is exactly what is described is what will happen in biblical prophecy.
I am a patriot that loves this country and it's constitution. I am praying that there is a restoration of the morals and values that we were founded on! Let us turn back to Jesus Christ and repent of our wicked ways as a people!

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