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UPDATE INOPERABLE BRAIN CANCER? Famed British Director, Tony Scott Dies: Condolences to The Late Tony Scott's Family and Brother Mr. Ridley Scott

***UPDATE*** The Los Angeles County coroner's office said it has not determined whether director Tony Scott had any health problems before he jumped off a San Pedro bridge Sunday and said family members have denied media reports that he was suffering from inoperable brain cancer. ***UPDATE***Ridley Scott, condolences to you, family and friends. I met Ridley Scott and even spoke with him as an extra on the G.I. Jane movie set he directed in 1996. Ridley is a good man, and I'm sure his brother is too. My prayers are sincerely out to his family, friends and loved ones. Tony Scott is survived by his third wife and by two sons of his second marriage. Mr. Scott had an inoperable brain cancer, a source close to him told ABC News.source close to him told ABC News. (…

The Hook in Magogs Jaw: Iran & Russia. Israel & Biblical Events to Be Determined This Aug 2012

*** Feb 26, 2013 UPDATE/NOTE*** I've since learned a thorough definition and meaning of who Magog more likely is, according to Craig C. White at I highly recommend researching his writings and following the link. And here is a link to my recent blog in light of recent events regarding Turkey, who Craig C. White explains Turkey as the place where the Prince Gog originally ruled, which btw happens to be directly north of Israel. "Armageddon War Comes Soon as Euphrates Dries Up:"

What is a "hook in the jaw", refered in Ezekiel 38 regarding Persia (Iran), Magog and Tubal (Russian cities), and Cush or Kush (Sudan and Egypt), and Put  or Phut (Lybia)? Earthquakes, Hurricanes and wild-fires pale in comparison to what has been right under our noses, and yet we continue in our false senses of security and foolish ambitions.
  The "hook in Magogs jaw",…

*UPDATE* Iranian EMP'S & My Dream From 10 29 11 U.S. Coast Smoke, Nuclear Explosion

***UPDATE JUNE 20, 2014***
This story puts a whole additional spin to my dream and what I saw in my dream. Turns out this event is the same direction along the coast, and just behind where I initially guessed where this dreams events took place. (So many updates, the original submission is quite a bit below this update as you scroll down.)
The irony in this, besides the identical appearance of the smoke caught on a private video drone, is the name of the yacht that was burned.  The name of the yacht is, "Polar Bear." NOW, there's concern, because in my dream, there were two polar bears. Possible significance of a second polar bear is now scary. WHY? Because after reading this story again today, a day after the yacht fire, I saw a "page suggestion" on my facebook about a weekend-long San Diego Harbor boat show. (Here's a link to the event website: )
Today is Friday. Saturday …

England's Majority Defending THE Faith?

Without sounding naive, or unaware of the U.K.'s inner conflicts and politics, and our American founding and separation from England, concerning the subject at hand I am writing about, I'd like to say, Three cheers for England! Recent articles are covering Tony Blair's return from approx 5 years of being away from full-time publicity, with some of Mr. Blairs thoughts, lessons, and views on God, faith and religion, in a local, political and world-view. Sure, he is on record for saying God instructed him to not "do God", something that sounds good in todays' vernacular; it's trendy to begin a discriptive verb with 'do', for some reason, doubtless with Hollywood beginnings, as is so much of our dumbed-down vocabulary and comprehension as well as attention spans.
  But I digress. It seems Mr. Blair has formulated some new thought, and what is concerning to me, is, that these types of formulations being put forward are often indicative of someone…